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Placing Bets Online

Unlike other sites that just link to sports betting sites with no personal experience, I’ve joined these sites and use them on a weekly basis to place my online sports bets. You’ll find the proof of these online bets in my posts as I show my readers the ins and outs of online sports betting.

 Picking A Safe Secure Sports Betting Site

Before joining any online sports betting sites, I always make sure it fulfils four essential criteria.

  1. It’s been around for several years. If they’ve been able to last for several years then they must be doing something right; otherwise, they would have folded up.
  2. There wasn’t any negative feedback. The internet being what it is you can always tell when a site is shonky by the amount of negative feedback it’s accumulated.
  3. They were easy to use. The last thing you want to do is to spend ages trying to work out how to use your new online sports betting site.
  4. It has to have a sports betting app that is easy to use. You will come to love placing bets online once you have access to a half decent sports betting app.

The More Sports Betting Sites The Better

I have an excellent reason for joining more than one online sports betting site. Naturally, I wanted to be able to write honest reviews for you guys. Another good reason was so I had something to fall back on if one of them ever went offline, which has happened. More importantly though is that I can check to see who has the best odds, before placing a bet.

Another favourite sports betting sites that I haven’t joined yet is UniBet!

If you’re interested in earning money by promoting online sports betting sites as an affiliate, you will find this post fascinating.

Even more important than that is my post on responsible gambling. As long as you follow those guidelines, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an enjoyable online betting experience.

Why Popular Online Sports Betting Is Growing

It’s no wonder that the popularity of online sports betting is on the rise. Have you ever wondered why online sports betting is so popular? It’s not all that surprising when you consider all the things you can now do online. Things that make life so much easier, which includes shopping online, buying lottery tickets online, paying your bills online and among many other things, placing bets on your favourite sports online. Let’s look at some of the things that make placing a bet online so popular.

  • No more waiting in queue to place a bet. This would have to be at the top of the list as far as whats driving the popularity of online sports betting.
  • The ability to shop around so you can get the best odds. The better the odds, the more you can win. Just one of the reasons why I have joined three of the best online sports betting sites.
  • Speaking of odds, more often than not you will get better odds online so why would you want to place a bet any other way?
  • Placing a bet online is easy. No more phone calls which end up with you being put on hold. No more having to drive to the local TAB. Now you can place your bets online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Smartphones Apps make placing sports bets online even easier. Using sports betting apps means you can put a stake online no matter where you are, as long as you can get an internet connection.
  • Exposure to world sports is another reason for the growing popularity of online sports betting. Once you join one of the reputable online sports betting sites, you can bet on almost anything from darts to the Tour De France.
  • There are heaps of online perks. Believe it or not, you’re essential to the online sports betting sites. They want your business and are willing to give you the best deals to get it. This goes way beyond the offers provided to entice you to join. These specials continue to flow because they want to keep your business. Anything from cashback offers on losing bets to significantly better odds on selected events.

There is no way you will get all these benefits from your regular bookie or bricks and mortar betting sites.

As far as I can see, there is only one major flaw to online betting. Betting online is so easy it can be an issue for people with a gambling problem. That is why I stress responsible gambling time and time again.

Shit! The whole season has gone and not only did I fall short of getting the perfect round, but I also didn’t even manage to get a winning bet. Yep, I struck out with the AFLW Round 7 2018 Results! Even though it depresses the hell out of me, I’m still going to show you my AFLW Round 7 2018 Results.

AFLW Round 7 2018 Results

So, there you see my results, let’s have a look at how the teams scored in the AFLW Round 7 2018 Results.

  • GWS Giants 3.6 24 – Brisbane 10.4 64
  • Fremantle 9.5 59 – Carlton 6.12 48
  • Western Bulldogs 5.3 33 – Melbourne 4.7 31
  • Collingwood 8.5 53 – Adelaide Crows 4.8 32

As far as the season goes my worst result was in round 3 where I only got one game right. Overall I managed 16 out of the 28 games which works out to 57% accuracy. Oh well, I suppose it’s better than getting less than 50%, right. So, how did you guys go?

It looks like Brisbane and Western Bulldogs will go head to head for the AFLW 2018 grand finals flag. I’m not going to bother putting any money on that game. I reckon those unpredictable women have cost me enough  :tongue_out:

Besides, with the AFL 2018 season starting this week I think my time will be more productive working out my tips for the AFL 2018 season.

Hope you guys did better with your AFLW 2018 season.

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On a more positive note, you should check out my hot female cyclists wearing lycra video. It’s becoming very popular.  :drunk:

hot female cyclists in lycraIt’s been quite awhile since my last hot sports babes post. The last one being Claire Bevilacqua Hot Sports Babes #37! Today’s hot sports babes post is more general and is all about hot women in lycra. The idea of writing a post on hot women in lycra came to me on the way to work today when I say a couple of them riding by while stopped at the lights. I thought to myself, ‘man, what a great idea for my hot sports babes post.

So, as soon as I got home I started googling all sorts of configurations of hot women in lycra. It took awhile, but I finally managed to get some beautiful photos of some absolutely gorgeous women in lycra.

So many in fact that I decided to put them into a Hot Female Cyclists video!

Why Hot Women In Lycra Are Sexy

So, what is it about women wearing lycra that makes them so sexy? Without a doubt, the main reason is the figure-hugging quality of lycra. Yep, all that tight lycra just happens to cling to all the right places. As the sexy women in lycra shows, you don’t even have to be well endowed to exude sexiness!

So, why do female cyclists wear lycra? According to cycling weekly, cyclists love lycra because lycra fits so tightly preventing problems like rubbing and chafing. This gives a more comfortable ride.

Another reason is cyclists feel that wearing lycra makes them look cool. Well, I’m not sure about the guys, but it sure as hell makes the women look hot.

Other positives, which has absolutely nothing to do with hotness, including things like grease free trousers, the ability to go faster and many swear they’re a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Hot Women In Lycra

Finally, for your added enjoyment I now give you my hot women in lycra video.

If you want to see more of these videos just leave a note in the comments below. Also, you may want to subscribe to my video channel so you don’t miss out on any cool video releases.