2018 AFLW Round 3 Results

2018 AFLW Round 3 Results Sucks

I hate to say this, but the 2018 AFLW Round 3 Results sucks big time!

2018 AFLW Round 3 Results

The only positive being that the Adelaide Crows actually won a game. So, what got the Crows over the line in the 2018 AFLW round 3 results? Why Erin Philips of course! Erin was obviously the game-changing player, with her four goals getting Adelaide over the line.

Had I picked the Crows I would have had two winning games under my belt, and who knows I may have taken the opportunity to cash out. Still, I reckon I will never know whether or not I would have had the balls to cash out that early.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the scores to see how the 2018 AFLW Round 3 Results pans out.

  • Adelaide Crows 6.5 41 – Western Bulldogs 5.4 34
  • Carlton 2.6 18 – Brisbane 6.4 40
  • Collingwood 5.5 35 – GWS Giants 7.6 48
  • Fremantle 6.0 36 – Melbourne 4.7 31

On the plus side, as much as I hate losing, at least I only lost two bucks!

I’ve still to get the perfect result in my 2018 AFLW tipping, and I reckon it will be a sheer arse if I did happen to get that perfect score! On the plus side, a perfect score would net me a sizeable cash inflow, especially considering I plan to continue doing multi-bets during the 2018 AFLW season.

So far this season, William Hill has offered the best odds on AFLW. I reckon that Sportsbet and Ladbrokes had better pull their finger out if they want a chance at getting their hands on my sports betting cash.

Crows winning last weeks proves two things. The first being that just because you’ve got a flawless run, Western Bulldogs not losing a game so far this season doesn’t mean that their winning streak will continue. The other being that one just can’t rely on the perfect sports bet. Which is why I continue to flog the idea of responsible gambling when it comes to sports betting.


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