AFL Round 11 Results 2019

Well, will you look at that, my AFL round 11 results 2019 was identical to my round 10 results. While I would have preferred to have done better I’m pretty stoked that I didn’t do worse.

AFL Round 11 Results 2019 Still Good

AFL round 11 results 2019

On the plus side, it was nice to see the Crows win one for a change. As for my multi-bet, well there was no way in hell I could win that. Oh well, shit happens when betting on sports, that’s why we should always gamble responsibly.

AFL Round 11 Final Scores

North Melbourne 15-9 [99]Richmond 9-8 [62]
Collingwood 11-9 [75]Fremantle 11-13 [79]
GWS Giants 19-12 [126]Gold Coast 6-7 [43]
Geelong 13-7 [85]Sydney 8-15 [63]
Brisbane 12-13 [85]Hawthorn 10-6 [66]
Melbourne 12-16 [88]Adelaide Crows 14-6 [90]
St. Kilda 9-15 [69]Port Adelaide 22-7 [139]
Essendon 11-8 [74]Carlton 4-9 [33]
West Coast 21-7 [133]Wstn. Bulldogs 10-12 [72]

Sure hope you guys did better with your picks than I did. Hopefully I will do better this week.

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