AFL Round 16 Results 2019

As another round bites the dust it’s time for me to post the AFL round 16 results 2019.

AFL Round 16 Results 2019 Unremarkable

AFL round 16 results 2019

While my AFL round 16 results 2019 wasn’t my best results it wasn’t my worst result either. And was an improvement on my AFL round 15 results.

For me, the greatest disappointment would have to be Adelaide Crows losing to Port Power. Up to half time, the Crows held their own. At the beginning of the third quarter when Walker kicked the first goal, things looked like promising. Unfortunately, everything fell apart from that moment on. The Crows performance was pitiful, and I don’t think anyone was surprised when Crows were seen leaving the game well into the last quarter.

Oh well, shit happens and it’s time to move on. Lets have a look at the final scores.

Hawthorn 9-13 [67]Collingwood 9-9 [63]
Essendon 11-10 [76]Sydney 9-12 [66]
Gold Coast 9-4 [58]Richmond 23-12 [150]
Adelaide Crows 5-14 [44]Port Adelaide 15-11 [101]
Wstn. Bulldogs 10-11 [71]Geelong 7-13 [55]
Fremantle 2-19 [31]West Coast 19-8 [122]
Carlton 15-10 [100]Melbourne 15-15 [105]
Nth. Melbourne 17-10 [112]St. Kilda 11-7 [73]
GWS Giants 11-8 [74]Brisbane 14-10 [94]

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