AFL Round 19 Results 2016

Fortuna’s AFL Round 19 Results Near Perfect

Fortuna’s AFL Round 19 ResultsAs you can see from the image above Fortuna’s AFL round 19 results were pretty bloody good. The only upset in her AFL round 19 results was the Collingwood vs West Coast match. I’m sure Fortuna isn’t the only one to get that match wrong! This brings her total for the year to 115.

If you read my Round 19 Footy Tips post you would have noticed that I actually placed a bet on that particular game. Luckily for me I used Sportsbet and because West Coast lead in one quarter I actually got my bet refunded.

If you’re one of my regular readers you’ll also know that I also enter the Million Dollar Tipping and even though it’s totally free I usually bet a buck on my picks. Because I only got one of my tips wrong I also got that money refunded  :homage:

That leaves my final bet where I backed North Melbourne with William Hill. Luckily, because of Fortuna getting it right this time around, that turned out to be a winning bet. Because of the refunds that means that round 19 turned out to be a winning round for me.

As we get closer and closer to the finals things are really getting more exciting because things are so tight in the top eight, it could be anybody’s game.

Here’s hoping that Fortuna can have a perfect result in round 20!

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