AFL Round 8 2018 Results

All I can say is the AFL Round 8 2018 Results wasn’t what I was hoping for. You’ll notice from the image below that my AFL Round 8 2018 Results show only 5 of my tips were correct.

AFL Round 8 2018 Results In A Bummer Round

AFL Round 8 2018 Results

AFL Round 8 2018 Score Results

HAWTHORN   4.3   5.4   9.6  10.11 (71)
SYDNEY         4.1   6.4   7.7   12.7 (79)

I knew it was going to be a bummer tipping week when Hawthorn lost to Sydney. It didn’t help things knowing the Hawks were the first leg of my Ladbrokes multi-bet. In only his third AFL game Ronke scored seven goals for Sydney, his last one only a minute from the final siren.

GWS GIANTS    2.3    5.8    8.10     8.13 (61)
WEST COAST   2.5    7.7   10.11   12.14 (86)

My second woeful tip. West Coast was just too good for the Giants leading in every quarter.

CARLTON        4.1     6.2     10.6     14.7 (91)
ESSENDON     3.2     5.9     7.14     10.18 (78)

Yep, a hat-trick in my footy tips, and all in a row too!

GOLD COAST      3.5   5.7    9.9      11.11 (77)
MELBOURNE       4.5   8.11  13.17  21.20 (146)

At least I got this one right, but unfortunately, it wasn’t to last.

PORT ADELAIDE        1.3   4.6   11.11  14.11 (95)
ADELAIDE CROWS     4.2   8.3   10.5    14.6 (90)

Of all the footy tips to get wrong, the showdown results was the one that hurt the worst. That last quarter was a killer with the Crows hitting the lead with only 20 seconds to spare. All the Crows had to do was keep the ball out of the Powers hands. But could they do it? Nope! Not only did Port get hold of the ball they sent it flying through the goal posts to seal the win.  :bash:

WESTERN BULLDOGS   4.3   9.5  12.8  16.11 (107)
BRISBANE                        4.1   6.5   8.8  14.9  (93)

Things started to pick up with Western Bulldogs winning this match comfortably. The question now is whether or not the Crows can beat the Bulldogs next week at home.  :thinkin:

FREMANTLE     3.2   7.5   9.9   13.11   (89)
ST KILDA           1.2   1.5   7.7     8.11   (59)

Another tip that I got right and another win for Freo.

NORTH MELBOURNE     2.0     5.2    9.3    11.6 (72)
RICHMOND                      3.4     8.4    9.7    12.10 (82)

Richmond managed another win and another winning footy tip. I’m not sure though if they can beat the Eagles next week.

COLLINGWOOD        1.3       1.6       4.11     5.15 (45)
GEELONG                  2.4       4.7       7.10     9.12 (66)

Another winning tip and the end of the AFL Round 8 2018 Results

On a side note, while I lost my multi, it wasn’t a total loss. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Ladbrokes special deal, the most scoring shots you win deal. So as not to lose everything on a multi I always place a buck to win on each game and then the rest is on the multi. As you can see from this image, all my legs paid off even though two of them were losing bets. That’s because of Ladbrokes special promo.

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