Allison Stokke Hot Sport Babe #28

allison-stokke hot sport babeI don’t know about you but I think it’s time for a Hot Sport Babe post. Can you believe it’s been two months since the last hot sports babe post? Man, that’s way, way too long!  :time: Today’s hot sport babe is Allison Stokke.

In case you haven’t heard of Allison Stokke, she’s an American pole vaulter. She’s not just your ordinary pole vaulter, she’s so sexy she deserves to be part of our Hot Sports Babe series.

As you can see from the image on your left Allison Stokke is a lean mean jumping machine!

She was born on March 22nd 1989 in Newport Beach California.

The thing about Allison Stokke that has made her famous is not the way she miraculously throws herself through the air via a flimsy pole. Nope, it’s because of the way she looks, And it all came together when someone posted on the internet a picture of her at a track meet when she was only 17.

Looks aside she’s  no slouch at pole-vaulting having several records under her belt. You can see a whole heap of her pole-vault achievements here.

Allison Stokke Social Media Hot Sports Babe

Fortunately for us Allison Stokke does dabble a little on the social media scent.

Allison Stoke on FaceBook: Unfortunately for us Allison Stokke is not an active participant on FaceBook, her last post being on December 2012. Even so you will find some nice images of her there.

Thankfully Allison’s a lot more active on Instagram! She’s pretty popular on there too, getting a heap of likes and comments on her photos. And what’s not to like when you keep your body to such chiseled perfection!

Then of course there is always Allison Stokke on Twitter. Twitter is something else that Allison updates regularly.

Of course you can always catch up with Allison Stokke the professional by checking out her Linkedin profile.

Naturally you want to see the collage of Allison Stokke that I put together.

Allison Stokke hot sports babe
I’ve decided for this post that Allison Stokke should be immortalised as a work of art. I thought perhaps something by Benson or even a lovely piece of watercolour. In case you can’t tell the one that Benson would of painted is the one on the left 😉Allison Stokke Hot Sport babe Art Finally I’m going to finish off with a GoPro video of Allison Stokke in action.

The video was shot 100% on the GoPro HERO4. You have to admire the versatility of the GoPro and the agility of Allison herself. Watching the video is almost as if you were there yourself.

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  1. Troy

    There is a flimsy pole / long stiff pole joke here me thinks…

    Say, can I make a suggestion? Check out Chyna Cho. A simple Google search will get you sorted.

    Also, I met Kacy Catanzaro a couple weeks ago. She would be worthy of a write up as well.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing Allison Stokke with us.

    1. Hey Troy, I’ll be sure to keep those in mind. But first I think I’ll do one about an sexy Aussie pole vaulter to show that Yanks don’t have the monopoly on hot sport babes :tongue_out:

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