Anna Rawson Hot Sports Babe #19

Anna RawsonI think it’s time for another Hot Sports Babe post and today I’m presenting another Aussie. This particular Aussie is actually a local being born in Adelaide. Her name is Anna Rawson.

Anna Rawson Hot Sports Babe

Anna Rawson, a young woman of only 33 years (born on the 5th August 1981) is a talented Aussie model and professional golfer.

Our Anna Rawson has her own website,, which is really something to see. Some of the photos that you see in the collage below is actually from Anna Rawsons site. Sure hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing them for the collage.  :golfer:

The following is copied from her Early Days Bio

“In 1999, Anna was selected to be on the Australian National Senior Squad.  She was the leading qualifier of the Australian Amateur and won both the South Australian and Victorian Junior championships.  In July, Anna  won the Jack Newton International Junior Classic and was selected to be a member of the South Australian Senior State team.  [highlight]What is remarkable is that Anna achieved all of this without coaching.[/highlight]

I highlighted that last part because I actually found that to be very remarkable. Most people that enter the professional spots arena do so with some sort of coaching . To get where Anna Rawson did without any coaching is remarkable indeed.

Check out Anna Rawson’s Facebook page which also has links to her Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Anna Rawson Hot Sports Babe Collage

Anna Rawson Hot Sports Babe Collage

I may have mentioned that Anna Rawson was a pretty talented young woman. I may also have alluded to the fact that she is sexy as hell. After all, she did make it into the hot sports babe hall of fame ;). Apart from all the other stuff I’ve learned about Anna Rawson I’ve just learned that she even has a YouTube Channel! Which I have just subscribed to.  :thumb_up:

Anna Rawson also is also part of the Sexiest Shots In Golf series that she does with Blair O’Neil. Pretty good bloody series too. Anna isn’t kidding when she says that golf is sexy. Especially when she is in it. For your viewing pleasure I present one of those sexy golf videos for your enjoyment.

Anna Rawson’s Sexy Checked Wedge Shot

No bullshit, if you’re wanting to learn some sexy golf shots then who better than the sexy Anna Rawson for some personal golfing lessons?

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