Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

Australian Sports Betting SitesProbably the most asked question I get is “What are the best Australian sports betting sites. I get asked this because they know I have this blog and because they know I actually test the majority of the sports betting sites that I write about.

Choosing the best Australian sports betting sites is pretty relative though because everybody has different tastes. It’s still an important question though for prospective punters because it’s such an important step in their online punting success.

While some Australian sports betting sites may offer the best odds they may not offer a great sports betting market. Others sports betting sites may have a bigger sports betting market to choose from but they don’t offer the best odds.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, and have followed my online bets, you would have noticed that the Australian sports betting sites that I recommend all have a huge amount of betting options/markets and offer great odds. Not only that they also occasionally offer great promotions like money back guarantees.

I Personally Use The Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

Unlike other sites that recommend sports betting sites I actually use the sports betting sites that I recommend. You can see this is my Bet Of The Week posts, a lot of which contain actual screen shots of my bets. Many also show the odds from my top 3 online sports betting sites, William Hill, Bet365 and SportsBet.

When choosing from the best Australian Sports Betting sites I always make sure that have great apps. The reason for that is that apps make placing a sports bet online so much easier. My post the Best Sports Betting App, shows which of all the apps I use is the best one and why I gave that view.

I always recommend to join more than one online sports betting site. Advantages of doing this include…

  • Getting the best of the sports betting deals they occasionally offer like the $700 FreeBet (not available in some states)
  • Always getting the best odds available by playing one Australian sports betting site against another
  • Always being able to place a bet. You never know when one of them goes offline because of maintenance or something and if that ever does happen you’ll still be able to place your bet by suing one of the other of the best Australian Sports Betting Sites.

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