How To Bet And Win

Truth be told it’s virtually impossible to always bet and win. Lets face it, gambling is hardly ever a sure thing. The usual outcome of placing a bet is that you’re going to lose, right? This is especially true at casino’s, whether in real life or online. When I visit the casino I always allocate a certain amount to lose. Even when I win I tend to pump my winnings back. Reckon what I need is to invest in a Gamble Box.

Bet And Win In Sports Betting

This is why I decided to go the sports betting route on my online sports betting venture. My sport of choice is naturally the AFL because I know more about the AFL than any other sports. I wrote about a couple of my bets in the Sportingbet Review post. Because I am all about Responsible Gambling I allowed myself a $30 budget for the month. I blew that in three weeks. What does that tell me? Simply that I don’t know as much as I thought I did about the AFL teams. Also that I let my emotion over my team, the Adelaide Crows, overrule any logical betting procedure. Emotion should never play a part when trying to bet and win.

bet and win on the crowsSo, what do I need to do? I need to study the form of all the teams properly. When placing my next bet I have to be more aware of injuries, performances, whether or not the home advantage is enough to get them over the line. I’m sure if I take all this and more into consideration I will have more of a chance when it comes to betting and actually winning.

Bet And Win On Sportingbet

I like Sportingbet because their app makes sports betting online so easy. The fact that they accept PayPal is also a bonus, although it would have been nice if they also accepted Neteller. Oh well, they may take them on later.

Anyway, if you’re pretty good at your footy picks then you may want to have a go at placing some sports bets online. They don’t have to be big wagers either because sure you can win more if you bet big but then you can also lose more. For me, when it comes to betting on sports online it’s more about the extra thrill of watching a game you placed a bet on than anything else. Naturally the added thrill of winning would be pretty cool too, which is why I intend to do a lot more research before placing the next bets.

Something else to keep in mind is that, usually, it’s the long shot that pays the most. So, if you think that in a particular game the underdog actually has a chance of winning it might be worth placing a few bucks on them as a side bet.

So, what’s your tactics when it comes to placing a bet on your favourite sport?

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