Bet365 Review Why I Joined Bet365

Last month I wrote a review on Sportingbet so I thought it was about time that I sourced another online sports betting site. I thought that this time I would go for a international sports betting agency. I decided to join Bet365! Why? Who knows, maybe it had something to do with seeing the commercial on TV. Or maybe I saw some of their promotional material while watching one of my favourite AFL games. Whatever it was I did a bit of research and decided to give them a go.

Speaking of their TV commercial, I found it on YouTube and have posted it here for you.

Bet365 TV Commercial

Whenever I choose to join an online site, whether it be to buy lottery tickets, or to bet on sports I look for one that is 100% legitimate. Like William Hill, which I mentioned in a previous post, it has to have some history. It can’t be a fly by night agency which is here today and gone tomorrow.

The fact that Bet365 is on national TV speaks volumes. What is even better is that they are licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government. Now you can’t get more secure than that.

bet365 online sports betting agencySomething else I looked for is a online sports betting agency that offers some popular ways of depositing money for placing sports bets as well as for transferring my winnings. As you can see from the image on the right it has that aspect covered. Like Sportingbet bet365 accepts PayPal. Unlike SportingBet, amongst other payment methods like Skrill it also offers NETELLER! This was a big plus for me because I love the security offered by Neteller as well as its many other features. Stay tune for a future post on the benefits of being a member of Neteller.

One of the benefits of being able to use an online sports betting agency is being able to place bets online no matter where you are. Having an online sports betting app makes placing a bet online so much easier. Bet365 offers such an app which was a big positive as far as I was concerned.

Another big plus was that they are currently offering new members a 100% bonus on any deposit up to $200! (Does not apply to certain states in Australia)I figured what the heck, signed up and deposited $100 using my Neteller account. It all worked a dream. With my welcoming email I received a code and instructions on what to do to claim my bonus. Within minutes my account went from $100 to $200!

I also liked that bet365 is committed to responsible gambling including a link to in the email. This was also apparent when setting up my account as it allowed me to set limits, as low as $20 per week. I set it for $100 so I could make the initial deposit but I’ll be changing it to $20.

Something else that I liked about bet365 is they offer so much more than online sport betting. As a member you also have access to poker, casino, games, and bingo, not to mention their live video streams for many sporting events. This means you can watch sporting events live even when it’s not on TV. Bet365 also offers an on-course bookmaking service.

Even though I was used to the Sportingbet app it didn’t take me long to come to grips with the bet365 app. That was very important for me because I hate having to work things out.


So, what was my first bet? I bet ten bucks on the Crows to beat Collingwood this Thursday night. The odds were 2.60 for a win so if they get manage to actually win my $10 wager will return $26. Go the Crows 😉

Like always, if there’s ever anything you want to know just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to give a meaningful reply.

Edit: As of this week Bet365 have decided to cull a lot of their affiliates. Unfortunately I was in that group. As they no longer support me I can no longer support them. I’m in the process of finding another reliable online sports betting site. When I do I will let you know.

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