Betting With William Hill PayPal And The Ease Of Placing A Bet Online

I love betting with Sportingbet. I’m going to dedicate this post to Sportingbet, the Commonwealth Games and Paypal. I’ve just put a video together that shows you two basic things.

  • How Easy It Is to deposit money to your Sportingbet account using PayPal
  • Once I’ve deposited the money I will show how simple betting with Sportingbet really is. I’m not going to place a bet on just any sport either. Nope, for the betting with Sportingbet I will be placing a bet on this years Commonwealth Games which is being held in Glasgow.

Betting With Sportingbet On Commonwealth Games

For this weeks Bet Of The Week I thought I would go to the Commonwealth Games. Not only did I go to the Commonwealth Games, figuratively speaking 😉 but I placed my bet on what I believe to be a Hot Sport Babe. I’m speaking about Sally Pearson. She’s a sexy and successful Australian Athlete.

betting with sportingbet on Sally pearson

Sally Pearson is “the 2011 World champion and 2012 Olympic champion in the 100 metres hurdles. She also won a silver medal in the 100 m hurdles at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2013 World Championships. Wikipedia

As you can see from the above image she has a very athletic looking body. Talk about being trim and terrific. But then that’s what you would expect from a champion hurdler.

One of the reasons I backed Sally Pearson in my betting with Sportingbet example is because I know here to be a very dedicated athlete. As this article shows she has even pulled out of the 100 metre sprint so that she can concentrate on defending her hurdles gold.

But I digress. This isn’t a Hot Sports Babes post. Nope, this post is all about showing you how easy it is to deposit money into a Sportingbet account. More than that it shows you how easy betting with Sportingbet truly is.

Betting With Sportingbet And PayPal

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