Biggest Multi Bet Wins

Some people are making serious money on sports betting. Others are losing serious money too. Someone told me the other day that someone he knew placed a $20,000 bet on Richmond to beat West Coast thinking it a sure thing. Unfortunately it wasn’t and he lost the bet. Don’t know if he was loaded or not, if he wasn’t someone should tell him about gambling responsibly. This thing is you can make big money without having to bet an arm and a leg and you do that with Multi Bets!

Biggest Multi Bet Wins

I did a bit of research and I’ve come up with some lucky punters who managed to win a sizeable amount without having to outlay a huge amount of money, I now give you some of the biggest Multi Bet wins I’ve been able to find.

  • HK of Victoria had a $22 bet on predicting 5 of the world’s great sporting events. That led to one of the biggest multi bet wins netting him a cool $52,000! Read all about it here! biggest multi bet wins
  • Our next biggest multi bet win is GM from Queensland. GM put a whole buck on a Ballarat ‘quaddie’ which won him $13,000! How cool was that? You can read about his bet here.
  • Our next biggest multi bet win is an absolute freak! JH bet 100 bucks on a two leg multi and won a whopping $262,000! Read all about what made his multi bet so freakish.
  • Our next biggest multi bet wins comes from SA. His $10 bet won him $23,527! GP’s effort wasn’t as freaky as JH’s multibet above, but it was still a pretty good effort because his was an 8 leg multi bet. Shit, I have enough trouble getting 4 right. Check out his 8 leg multi-bet.
  • The next biggest multi bet win is a $50 five leg multi bet that won $43,408. I’m sure JV of NSW was more than happy with the results of that lucky Multi-Bet. Read all about his multi bet selections.
  • AJ from Victoria turned his $2 multi bet into $10,640! How did he do it? This is how!

This is just a small selection of the biggest multi bet wins. All these particular bets were placed with Sportsbet, one of my favourite online sports book! This post just goes to show you don’t have to bet big to win big. Having luck on your side does make winning multi bets easier though. The thing with Multi Bets is it makes watching sports a whole lot more interesting!

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