Fortuna Round 8 Footy Tips 2015

How did you go with your round 7 footy tips? Fortuna did really well getting 8 out of the nine right. The only one that let her down was the Port Adelaide vs Brisbane match. I’m sure that most would have picked Port Adelaide and I know that Port Adelaide supports were pretty upset over losing what they thought was a sure thing. I even wrote a post about how fickle Port Adelaide fans can be. You’ll get a real kick out of the video at the end of the post. Time to check out Fortuna Round 8 footy tips.

Fortuna Round 8 Footy Tips

Fortuna Round 8 Footy tips

I’ve had a couple of people email me saying how it would be nice if could include both teams in the tips highlighting the tipped winner in another colour. For Fortuna round 8 footy tips the selected teams will be in red.

  • Geelong vs Carlton
  • St Kilda vs West Coast
  • GWS Giants vs Adelaide
  • Gold Coast vs Collingwood
  • Hawthorn vs Sydney
  • Fremantle vs North Melbourne
  • Essendon vs Brisbane
  • Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs
  • Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Looking at those tips the only one that I would question was the Port Adelaide vs Richmond game. I figure after their last crushing defeat Port Adelaide would finally get it together and actually win a game. I asked her why she picked Richmond and she just smiled. Isn’t that just like a woman, as if a smile says it all? Maybe she read my post I mentioned above about the fickle Port Adelaide fans and was interested to see if another loss would bring the tarps back.  ;)

Round 8 Footy MultiBet Tips

Now that I have the Fortuna Round 8 footy tips its time for me to work out my MultiBet tips. I did pretty well with my last getting all five right. Even though I chickened out and used Sportsbet Cash Out feature in Richmond vs Collingwood game. I have to give it to Fortuna as most tipsters picked Collingwood to win that game.  :thumb_up:

The trick with winning your MultiBet is ensuring you get the first few games right. This is because getting your first one wrong voids the whole MultiBet, although you still get paid for the individual wins. One of the reasons why I’m preferring MultiBets over your normal bets. Here are my round 8 footy multi fortuna round 8 multibetbet tips.Geelong $1.23

  • Geelong $1.23
  • West Coast $1.20
  • Adelaide $2.65
  • Hawthorn $1.50
  • Western Bulldogs $1.40
  • Richmond $3.50

The odds for my MultiBet this week is $28.75. Therefore my $4 wager will net me $114.99! Add my individual wins to that and I come out with $126.47 making it my biggest win to date. Check out this post to see how the MultiBet odds are worked out.

You can see all this from the image over there on the right. Unlike other sports betting sites I actually place bets with the sports betting sites I recommend. You can’t get more honest than that. Clicking on any of those images will take you to Sportsbet site so you can place your own MultiBet. Let’s hope I’m as lucky with this one as I wan with my round 7 Multi Bet.

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Round 6 AFL Footy Tips Results

Now that round 6 AFL is over and done with let’s take a look at how Fortuna went with her round 6 AFL footy tips. As you can see from the image below Fortuna’s round 6 AFL footy tips pretty well sucked. Where she got 8 right in round 5 she only got 4 right last week.

Round 6 AFL Footy Tips Results

Round 6 AFL Footy Tips ResultsWhile I agree that 4 out of 9 was a pretty bad result I reckon you would have to admit that round had quite a few upsets.

What really sucks was those results really screwed the MultiBet I placed with Sportsbet! Especially because the first of my MultiBet was on Western Bulldogs to beat to beat St. Kilda. Shit, who in hell would have thought that St. Kilda would have won that game. What really pissed me off was getting that particular game ruined any chance of winning the MultiBet.

Round 6 AFL MultiBet Results

Port Adelaide Fans suckAs for my round 6 AFL MultiBet results I only got 3 of the 6 right, one less than my last MultiBet results. My winning bets were Adelaide, Sydney and Fremantle. At least that won $3.56 so I managed to salvage a little bit of my $10 wager.

At least there was one highlight to the round 6 of the AFL. Port Power lost to the West Coast Eagles. While I’m a tiny little bit sad that a South Australian team lost I’m stoked as far as the Port Adelaide supporters are concerned.

The reason why so many dislike Port Power fans is because for the major part they’re so bloody arrogant as far as their team are concerned.

Take ShowDown 38 as an example. Most of them thought they were going to annihilate the Crows beating them by 10 goals or more. They thought the same about West Coast Eagles, thinking that it was going to be an easy win.

As it turns out they loss. A loss that the Anti-Port Adelaide bloke on FaceBook went to  town on. I pinched that image you see on the left from one of the many that he’s posted on FaceBook.

As for the Crows, while they won that game I reckon they could have done so much better. Still, they won and thats a hell of a lot better than what Port Adelaide was able to do.  :drunk:

Fortuna’s AFL Round 6 Footy Tips 2015

In case you’ve missed out last weeks AFL round 5 results you can read that post HERE. Fortuna did pretty well with her AFL footy tips getting eight out of the nine right. Who could blame her for getting Sydney wrong. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming.

Now for this weeks Fortuna’s AFL round 6 footy tips.

Fortuna’s AFL Round 6 Footy Tips 2015

Fortuna’s AFL Round 6 Footy Tips

    • Collingwood
    • North Melbourne
    • Western Bulldogs
    • Hawthorn
    • Adelaide Crows
    • Sydney Swans
    • Fremantle
    • Carlton
    • Port Adelaide

Strangely enough I completely agree with all of Fortuna’s AFL round 6 footy tips. It’s got nothing to do with AFL Multibet round 6 2015Fortuna getting more right than I did in round 5 either.  :tongue_out:

Now that I have the footy tips out of the way I’m going to fire my Sportsbet app up to place this weeks MultiBet. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more luck this week and there won’t be any upsets like the Sydney vs Western Bulldogs game last week.

For my AFL MultiBet this week I’ve decided to back the following teams;

  • Western Bulldogs 1.38
  • Sydney 1.16
  • Fremantle1.25
  • Hawthorn 1.28
  • Adelaide Crows 1.15
  • Carlton 1.28

You can see from the image on the left that I actually have placed those bets. I’m hoping this bet actually comes through as it will make it my first MultiBet win.

As you can see the odd on the individual teams are pretty low so the most I could win if I placed a single $10 bet would be $13.80 by backing Western Bulldogs. If my MultiBet comes through I will win $22.58 which is a whole lot better. Heck, if I get cold feet during one of the games I may even Cash Out and take my accumulated winnings up to that point. I copied this from the SportsBet Blog about their latest Cash Out King.

Our Cash Out King definitely pulled out at the right time on the weekend. He had a $10 win-draw-win multi on the 10 EPL matches of round 35. 

He picked the 8 winners on Saturday’s night matches, including Sunderland to defeat Southampton at $4 and West Brom to defeat Man Utd at $9.

His ninth leg was Tottenham to defeat Man City ($3.60) at White Hart Lane. With so much riding on this selection, our Cash Out King got cold feet and decided to pull the pin on his mammoth multi. What a great call!

He cashed our for $9.5k and Tottenham were beaten by Man City 0-1 after Sergio Aguero’s eight yard strike on 29 minutes.

The last leg requires Arsenal to defeat Hull ($1.61), which is yet to be decided. Regardless of the outcome, this lucky punter would have walked away with jack squat if it wasn’t for his choice to Cash Out and pocket $9,492!

Man, I wish I was that lucky, but then my odds were nowhere near as good.

Have you placed your MultiBet yet.


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