AFL Round 23 2018 Tips

AFL Round 23 2018 Tips Getting There

AFL Round 23 2018 Tips

I had a pretty good week with my round 22 tips, and I’m hoping I can do even better with my AFL Round 23 2018 Tips. Wouldn’t it be sweet if I could get a perfect round with this week’s AFL Round 23 2018 Tips?

  • Port Adelaide vs Essendon (Adelaide)
  • Geelong vs Gold Coast (GMHBA)
  • Richmond vs Western Bulldogs (MCG)
  • Fremantle vs  Collingwood (Optus)
  • Carlton vs Adelaide Crows (Etihad)
  • Sydney vs Hawthorn ((SCG)
  • Brisbane vs West Coast (Gabba)
  • Melbourne vs GWS Giants (MCG)
  • St. Kilda vs Nth. Melbourne (Etihad)

Usually, I wait to check Ladbrokes best sports betting odds before making a bet. This week, however, I’ve decided to put five bucks on Port Power to win. Usually, when I back the Power they lose so I figure, either way, win or lose I’m a winner.  :tongue_out:

Just click here If you want to see my bet.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 23

2018 AFL Round 23 Ladbrokes
Port Adelaide 1.62
Essendon 2.35
Geelong 1.01
Gold Coast 21.00
Richmond 1.11
Western Bulldogs 7.00
Fremantle 5.50
Collingwood 1.16
Carlton 7.50
Adelaide Crows 1.10
Sydney 1.64
Hawthorn 2.30
Brisbane 2.60
West Coast 1.52
Melbourne 1.45
GWS Giants 2.80
St. Kilda 3.75
Nth. Melbourne 1.29
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You can see my bets here.

That’s it for this week’s AFL Round 23 2018 Tips. Good luck with your tips and I hope all your bets are winning ones.

AFL Round 22 2018 Tips

AFL Round 22 2018 Tips Come On!!AFL Round 22 2018 Tips

After last weeks shitty round 21 results, its time to pick up my game with a ripper AFL Round 22 2018 Tips. After looking at this weeks roundup I feel pretty confident that I should get a pretty good result with my AFL Round 22 2018 Tips. Having said that you just never know how things will turn out when it comes to footy results so if things turn out bad because of my AFL Round 22 2018 Tips blame the umpires, not me.  :tongue_out:

  • Richmond vs Essendon (MCG)
  • Collingwood vs Port Adelaide (MCG)
  • Geelong vs Fremantle (GMHBA)
  • GWS Giants vs Sydney (Spotless)
  • Gold Coast vs Brisbane (Metricon)
  • St. Kilda vs Hawthorn (Etihad)
  • Carlton vs  Wstn. Bulldogs (Etihad)
  • West Coast vs Melbourne (Optus)
  • Adelaide vs (Nth. Melbourne)

the next thing on my list is see what sort of odds Ladbrokes is offering so I can work out who to put my money on.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 22

2018 AFL Round 22 Ladbrokes
Richmond 1.29
Essendon 3.75
Collingwood 1.42
Port Adelaide 2.95
Geelong 1.03
Fremantle 14.00
GWS Giants 1.70
Sydney 2.20
Gold Coast 4.35
Brisbane 1.23
St. Kilda 5.35
Hawthorn 1.17
Carlton 4.35
Wstn. Bulldogs 1.23
West Coast 1.65
Melbourne 2.30
Adelaide Crows 1.38
Nth. Melbourne 3.15
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This week I’m backing the Giants putting the total of my sports betting bankroll on them.  :grin: You can see my bets here.

That’s it for this week’s AFL Round 22 2018 Tips. Once again, good luck with your tips and any wagers you may place.

AFL Round 21 2018 Tips

Can you believe there are only three rounds to go before the finals start? It’s going to be pretty hard to predict the AFL Round 21 2018 Tips because there are only eight points separating fourth and twelfth on the ladder! My last week’s tips weren’t that bad, but I’m hoping to do better with my AFL Round 21 2018 Tips. But like I said at the beginning of this post it’s not going to be an easy task getting my AFL Round 21 2018 Tips right.

AFL Round 21 2018 Tips To Beat

AFL Round 21 2018 Tips

  • Essendon vs St. Kilda (Etihad)
  • Hawthorn vs Geelong (MCG)
  • Gold Coast vs Richmond (Metricon)
  • Port Adelaide vs West Coast (Adelaide)
  • Collingwood vs Brisbane (Etihad)
  • GWS Giants vs Adelaide (Manuka)
  • Nth Melbourne vs Wstn Bulldogs (Etihad)
  • Melbourne vs Sydney (MCG)
  • Fremantle vs Carlton (Optus)

Now it’s time to work out where to place my bets if any. Naturally, before I do that, I need to check to see what Ladbrokes best odds are this week.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 21

2018 AFL Round 21 Ladbrokes
Essendon 1.22
St. Kilda 4.50
Hawthorn 2.20
Geelong 1.70
Gold Coast 16.00
Richmond 1.02
Port Adelaide 1.47
West Coast 2.75
Collingwood 1.30
Brisbane 3.65
GWS Giants 1.40
Adelaide Crows 3.00
Nth. Melbourne 1.33
Wstn. Bulldogs 3.50
Melbourne 1.38
Sydney 3.15
Fremantle 1.25
Carlton 4.10
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This week I decided to do a five-leg multi-bet. Those of you that follow this blog know that I put a dollar on each team and the remaining five bucks on the multi. This way even if I get the multi-bet wrong I still get some return. You can see my bets here.

That’s it for my AFL Round 21 2018 Tips. Once again, good luck with your tips and any wagers that you may place this week.

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