Round 5 AFL Results 2016

Round 5 AFL Results 2016 Fortuna Rocks


Round 5 AFL Results 2016

As we move into the Round 5 AFL Results 2016 it’s good to see that Fortuna is still doing pretty well with her footy tips. As you can see from the image above her running tips total for the 2016 AFL season is 33. You’ll also notice that like her round 4 results she got 7 of the nine right.

And who can blame her for getting the Fremantle vs Carlton and Melbourne vs Richmond games wrong, right?

The good thing about Fortuna’s Round 5 AFL Results 2016 is that it helped me to win my first Multi-Bet of the 2016 AFL season!  :thumb_up: All in all my $10 bet returned $55.68. This is great because that win put’s my sports betting bankroll into the positive which is always a good thing.  :drunk:

One of the reasons I like multi-bets so much is that even when I lose the multi-bet it’s not a total loss because I still get paid out for all the winning legs of the multi-bet. If you’re not sure what I mean by that just leave a comment and I will go into it with a bit more detail.

Unfortunately I didn’t win anything in the Million Dollar Tipping competition. I enter the Million Dollar Tipping competition every week because it’s totally free and I have as much chance of winning it as anyone.  f you haven’t done so already you should seriously consider joining the Million Dollar Tipping competition for your chance to win $10,000 every week of the 2016 AFL season.

Probably the most upsetting game for me in last weeks round was the crappy umpiring decision in the dying seconds of the game. A decision the robbed the Crows of a possible win. You can read about how the majority of AFL fans agree that Isaac Smith definitely was holding the ball but miraculously got let off.

Yeah I know I may be a little biased being a Crows fan and all but good or bad I like to think I call it like it is.

So, how did you go with your round 5 AFL results 2016?

AFL Round 4 Results 2016

Fortuna AFL Round 4 Results 2016 Pretty Good

Fortuna AFL Round 4 Results 2016

I have to say I am pretty happy with Fortuna’s Fortuna AFL Round 4 Results 2016. After all, picking 7 out of 9 is pretty damn good. It also brings Fortuna’s combined Footy tips results for round 4 to 26! I reckon that’s pretty damn good.

When you consider the 2 that Fortuna got wrong, the Brisbane vs Gold Coast and Collingwood vs Melbourne games, who would have thought those two games would have turned out the way that they did? Those two games were definitely upsets in round 4 and I’m sure a lot of punters out there would have gotten them wrong.

As for my MultiBet with William Hill the Collingwood game cost me my Multi-Bet win.  :guns: Luckily they didn’t lead in any of the quarters otherwise I would have been really pissed that I didn’t go with Sportsbet! I forgot to mention in my last post that even though I lost my multi-bet with Sportsbet they refunded my MultiBet wager because in the one leg of my multibet that lost they led in one of the quarters.

Sportsbet Cash Back Promotion

sportsbet cash back

First there’s the AFL Head to Head Money Back Special.

AFL Head to Head Money Back Special!

  • Place a Head to Head bet on any AFL match in rounds 1-8 
  • If your team lead at any break but lose, cash back up to $50
  • First bet placed on the Head to Head Market
  • Bonus bets excluded
  • All phone, live and ‘Cashed out’ bets are not eligible for the offer

In my case I’m referring to their AFL Multi Special!

Sportsbet AFL Multi Special

AFL Multi Special!

  • Place a 5+ leg multibet on the head-to-head market of any AFL match.
  • If only one leg fails, we’ll refund your bet up to $50 CASH
  • Head-to-head markets only, max 1 claim per AFL round
  • Multi Bets where the “Cash Out” feature is used are ineligible for the offer
  • Offer applies to all rounds of the 2016 AFL Premiership season.

So, in reality because Sportsbet gave me my cash back my last bet with them was actually a winning bet. In my previous post I stated my $10 bet returned $6.42 but because of their AFL Multi Special rerun of $5 I actually got $11.42 which is of course a win!  :clap2:

If you’re not a Sportsbet member yet I would seriously consider joining. You can do that HERE!

How was your AFL Round 4 Results 2016?

AFL Results Round 3 2016

Fortuna Rocks AFL Results Round 3 2016

AFL Results Round 3 2016

Time to look at the AFL Results Round 3 2016! After round 2’s disappointing result Fortuna has done well to score 8 out of 9 in her AFL results round 3 2016. She would have scored 9 out of 9 if it wasn’t for Collingwood’s poor showing against St’ Kilda.

What’s really upsetting is that Collingwood couldn’t even get the lead in one lousy quarter. At least if they were able to do that I would have got my cash back on my MultiBet because of Sportsbet‘s latest promotion. The promotion I wrote about in the AFL round 1 Footy tips post.

Apart from backing Fortuna’s AFL picks for round 3 there were a couple of positives in that round. The first was even though I lost my MultiBet it wasn’t a total loss, This is because the four legs of my $10 5 leg MultiBet one me a total of $6.42! This means I only lost $3.58. Naturally this makes my sports betting bankroll last that much longer.

EDIT: Read how my losing bet was actually a winning bet!

The second positive was that the Crows won against Richmond. Yep. it’s always a positive when the Crows manage a win.  :thumb_up: They did way better than Collingwood who let an injury ravaged side beat them.

As the Age reported the Crows proved to be a sharp outfit in their game against Richmond. Overtime Richmond came back the Crows knuckled down and beat them back again. As hard as Richmond tried the Crows were able to keep them in check. A truly great game to watch.

Getting back to our AFL footy tips results I thought it would be a good idea to keep a running total of Fortuna’s footy tips score. You’ll see the running total on the right hand side of the AFL Footy tips results image. As you can see in the image above Fortuna’s combined footy tips results so far is 19!

How did you go with your footy tips?


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