2018 AFL Grand Final Winners

2018 AFL Grand Final Winners

Firstly I want to apologise for the delay of this post as the Grand Final was done and dusted weeks ago. In my defence, I was at the airport on Grand Finals day on my way to Bali with the family. I watched the Grand Final at Adelaide Airport’s Coopers Ale House.

Everyone now knows West Coast won the Cup snatching victory from Collingwood with a 5 point win. See the full match report here.

You may even remember in my last post that though my gut was telling me that Collingwood would win I put my money on West Coast. Luckily for me I won that bet and Ladbrokes more than doubled my wager.

Now that the AFL season is over for the year I’m going to have to find something to amuse myself until next years ALF season starts.

AFL Round 26 2018 Results

AFL Round 26 2018 Results Preliminary Finals Results

AFL Round 26 2018 Results

This week’s AFL Round 26 2018 Results sucked compared to last week’s perfect result. As you know, I had predicted a Melbourne vs Richmond Grand Final, but the AFL Round 26 2018 Results just proved that this week was the underdogs week to win. Not only that, but it also shows why we should always gamble responsibly.

AFL Round 26 2018 Scores Results

RICHMOND              1.3      2.8       6.10     8.10   (58)
COLLINGWOOD     5.2     10.4     12.7     15.7    (97)

WEST COAST      4.8     10.9     15.10     18.13   (121)
MELBOURNE      0.3     0.6       5.9        7.13     (55)

Not only was I not expecting the preliminary finals results to go the way it did but I didn’t find the games all that exciting. It just didn’t look like finals footy. It was almost as if Richmond and Melbourne didn’t show up.

Let’s hope that next week’s Grand Final is a lot more exciting.

Finally, here’s one of my more recent videos, the F-word poem.

AFL Round 25 2018 Results

AFL Round 25 2018 Results My Best Results Ever

AFL Round 25 2018 Results

Gotta love my AFL round 25 2018 results! Yep, this is the first ever time I’ve gotten all my tips right this year. Too bad there were only two games to pick from.  :RLOL: Still, a perfect result is a perfect result. Naturally, the AFL Round 25 2018 Results also meant I got another winning bet under my belt.

AFL Round 25 2018 Scores Results

HAWTHORN     3.1   3.7   6.9   10.11  (71)
MELBOURNE   3.1   6.2  12.5  16.8   (104)

COLLINGWOOD   3.6    4.9   6.12  9.15 (69)
GWS GIANTS        0.2   4.2    7.3    9.5  (59)

Like I said in last weeks round 24 2018 results, I predict a Richmond vs Melbourne grand final this year.

On a side note, I produced a pretty funny video about a nun’s confession that I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of.

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