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AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

With only three more rounds to go, it’s time for my AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips! As you can see from my AFLW Round 4 2018 Tips, I was just one shy of getting a perfect score. Something that I have yet to do. Where Melbourne was looking at being the favourites for the AFLW 2018 season things, have since changed and now it’s anyone’s premiership.

OK, so without further ado, here’s my hopefully lucky, AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips.

EZeSportsBetting.com AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

  • Melbourne vs Brisbane (Casey Fields)
  • Fremantle vs GWS Giants (Fremantle)
  • Adelaide Crows vs Carlton (Norwood)
  • Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs (Ted Summerton)

How I selected the AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

After Melbournes poor performance against Collingwood last week I just feel that they’re not up to beating Brisbane who’s has been performing well of late.

As for the Fremantle vs GWS Giants game, I’m tipping Fremantle because I reckon their six-day break and home advantage will be enough to get them over the line.

As for the Adelaide Crows, this game is a make or break it game for them! I’m hoping that with the home advantage they’ll have just enough in them to get them the win they need.

As for the last game, let’s face it, apart from last weeks game Collingwood has been playing pretty crappy. On the other hand, the Doggy’s are doing OK, and I reckon they’ll get the win.

Right, now let’s have a look at who’s offering the best odds.

Best Odds 2018 AFLW Round 5

2018 AFLW Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
Melbourne Women’s 1.67 1.70 1.67
Brisbane Women’s 2.21 2.10 2.20
Fremantle Women’s 1.66 1.70 1.67
GWS Giants Women’s 2.23 2.10 2.20
Adelaide Crows Women’s 1.43 1.45 1.44
Carlton Women’s 2.86 2.70 2.75
Collingwood Women’s 3.01 2.90 2.90
Western Bulldogs Women’s 1.39 1.40 1.40
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Last week I found out that William Hill did not have a cash-out feature in their multi-bet so I’m giving them a miss. This week Ladbrokes have the best odds for 2018 AFLW round five 2018, so they’re getting my money. Besides, this will be a great way to see if they offer the cash-out feature on their multi-bet.

AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

You can see my Ladbrokes multi-bet in the image above. You’ll also notice their ODDS BOOST feature that boosted my odds even more. I’ll be working this weekend, so hopefully, I’ll be able to check the results on my app so I can pull my money out if I need it.

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets

I’m not one to bet on the soccer because I don’t know all that much about soccer. But with the AFL being over for the year I’m seriously thinking about it. Having said that there’s no point in even considering any Socceroos vs Honduras best bets without doing a little research on the matter.

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets News

Matildas star Sam Kerr has her say on the Socceroos World Cup playoff. She’s a little worried about this game, which starts tomorrow, because they’re an unknown team where she is concerned. Her research has shown that they are a rough playing side which is something that I’m sure the Socceroos can deal with.

Kerr believes having Cahill there is a big plus but believes the pressure of having the whole world looking on to see how the game pans out will be their biggest worry. But, doesn’t Honduras also have the same pressure? Perhaps the team that deals the best with that pressure will come out on top. Kerr is “100 per cent confident in the boys but will still be holding my breath with the rest of Australia this next week.”

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets

Dean Bilton in his article for ABC news believes that even if Cahill doesn’t play the Socceroos still has a better than good chance of winning. This is partly due to his belief that Honduras place in the run for the World Cup playoff was more due to luck than absolute skill.

Socceroos vs Honduras Loss Possible

Lets not forget that sport being what it is one should not be surprised if things do not go the way punters would hope for. That’s what makes responsible gambling so important. Nine World Of Sports don’t seem to be hopeful of a Socceroos win tomorrow in San Pedro. Apparently a loss does not sound the death nell for the Socceroos as a good win in the second leg on Wednesday 15 November at ANZ Stadium could still secure them a place in the World Cup.

So, what do the punters think so far? Lets have a look at what the odds are for my top sports betting sites.

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets Online Odds

Teams Sportsbet William Hill
Socceroos $4.20 $4.00
Honduras $2.00 $2.05
Draw $3.20 $3.20
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Looking at the table above it looks like the Socceroos are underdogs as far as the punters are concerned. As I said at the beginning of the post, I’m not into soccer all that much but I reckon I’ll put five bucks on the Socceroos using Bet365 as they’re offering the best odds.

You can see my bet here. Who are you picking for your Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets?


2017 AFL Grand Final Prediction

2017 AFL Grand Final Prediction

The question of everyone’s lips is who will win the 2017 AFL Grand Final? I’m hoping that it will be a hard fought battle right up until the final siren. That’s what finals footy is all about right? No-one wants to see a one sided game. The best footy is when the win is up in the air right up until the dying seconds of the game. So, what’s the media saying about 2017 AFL Grand Final predictions?

Media Opinion On 2017 AFL Grand Final Prediction

Malcolm Blight tips Adelaide in his article in The Age. According to Blight it will be a hard fought battle that the Crows will just win. OK, he doesn’t actually say that in so many words but he did say ‘just’ win. I just embellished it a little.

The Adelaide Football Club isn’t giving anything away either offering some interesting stats as well as documenting strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

What is really interesting is how the Crows fared in the last five games against Richmond. Stats courtesy of the AFC, previous link.

R6, 2017, Adelaide 21.14 (140) d Richmond 10.4 (64) at Adelaide Oval
R3, 2016, Adelaide 19.14 (128) d Richmond 13.14 (92) at Etihad Stadium
R19, 2015, Adelaide 11.22 (88) d Richmond 8.4 (52) at Adelaide Oval
R21, 2014, Richmond 10.19 (79) d Adelaide 9.15 (69) at Adelaide Oval
R12, 2013, Richmond 16.14 (110) d Adelaide 10.12 (72) at the MCG

It’s interesting to note that the Crows have managed to win the last 3 confrontations, one of which was an away game at Etihad Stadium.

Rippa says it will be a hard fought game but that Richmond will be victorious tipping a 23 point win

Best Odds On 2017 AFL Grand Final

AFL Teams






William Hill


My 2017 AFL Grand Final Prediction

Grand Final 2017 Cup


Personally I’m hoping for a Crows 2017 Grand Final win but I think, even though most sites are saying the Crows are favourites, I believe the Crows to be the underdogs. Almost everybody I’ve spoken to who aren’t Crows fans are willing the Crows to lose, and I don’t mean just the Power supporters. Then having to play at the MCG where the Tiger army will assuredly out roar the 19th man fan base. Add to that all the other non Crows supporters screaming out their lungs, how are the Crows expected to even hear their 19th man.

Still, I believe the Crows will to win will overcome everything and they enabling them to bring the Grand Final Cup home.

As far as tipping goes, I have no other choice but to tip the Crows to win. Because Bet365 has the better odds I’m using them to place my bet. You can see my wager here.

So, who do you think is going to win the 2017 AFL Grand Final?