As much as I love being a South Australian it has some drawbacks. One of which would be our nanny state government. The other day I noticed that William Hill brought back their Chase The Ace promotion. This is a brilliant promotion so why did I call this post Chase The Ace Bullshit! Because our stupid SA government has decided that we’re not allowed to take advantage of it, that’s why!

At least we’re not the only ones. NSW and WA miss out as well.

Chase The Ace Requirements

Chase The AceWhen I first saw the William Hill ad on the TV I thought you would get $10 for every ace served. Not the ads fault mind you because it did say up to $10 in the ad, somehow I just chose not to see that part. :pull_hair:

For those of you who can play Chase The Ace, you lucky bastards, it’s really quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to place a $25 minimum  head to head “straight” bet on the 2017 Australian Open Tennis Men’s and Women’s Singles Tournaments.

Once you’ve confirmed the bet you get to give the Chase The Ace Wheel a spin. Simply hit play and whatever the Chase The Ace wheel lands on is the bonus you get when your player serves and ace. So, if you’re lucky and you landed on the $10, every time your player hits an ace you win $10 in bonus bets!. How cool is that?

What’s even better is you still win those bonus bets even if your player loses!

The bonus bet amounts you’ll find on the wheel are 50c, $1, $2, $5 and $10. The probability of winning the $10 is one in a hundred, so you have to be pretty lucky. Still, that’s what makes it fun isn’t it?

Just in case my explanation is a little vague I’ve included a quick video tutorial for you.

Chase The Ace Tutorial

Let me know in the comments if you had a go at Chase The Ace and how much you managed to reel in?


There are many benefits of joining multiple sports betting sites. Even though I’m sure I’ve mentioned more than once the benefits of joining multiple sports betting sites I feel it’s so important that the subject needs a lot more than a passing mention.

Joining Multiple Sports Betting Sites Makes Sense

Joining multiple sports betting sites makes perfect sense and I’m going to tell you five simple reasons why this is so.

Sticking It Up Murphy’s Law

You’ve just got the best tip on a horse race. You’ve been told it’s a sure thing but you only hJoining Multiple Sports Betting Sitesave a small amount of time to place the bet. No worries, you know you’ll be able to place that bet in minutes because of your sports betting app. You fire it up only to find it’s not working.

WTF! There doing a maintenance update now? Shit, perhaps the server is down or something. It doesn’t really matter why it’s not working. You’re about to miss the chance of a life time and you don’t have time to join another online sports betting site. Damn! If only you had the forethought of joining multiple online sports betting sites.

Getting The Best Odds

How can you possible maximize your winnings if you limit yourself to just one bookmaker? The answer is you can’t. Using online sports betting apps makes checking the respective odds a cinch. Check just any of the posts where I’ve posted the odds from my top three sports betting sites and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Normally I don’t bet on point spread and total lines but I’ve noticed that their odds can vary quite dramatically.

Enjoy A Wider Betting Experience

Perhaps your online sports betting site isn’t offering you the chance to bet on a specific sport. That’s when you really need to look at another sports betting site.

Also different sports betting sites can give you access to heaps more betting experiences, like live betting or cash out options. You’ll also find that each sports betting site have apps that are unique to them. Some mobile betting apps are better than others. You may want to read my best sports betting apps post.

Taking Advantage Of Special Deals

This one is a no-brainer. By joining only one online sports betting site you’re missing out on some spectacular deals. Take my last post for example where I took advantage of Sportsbet‘s double your winnings offer. As it turns out the Doggies won the AFL Grand final and I won double my bet. GO THE DOGGIES! Just sos you know I have to the end of October to use the extra winning as a bet.

That is just one example of the many offers you are missing out on if you only join one online sports betting site!

Whether or not you join multiple betting sites or not is completely up to you. I’ve personally joined what I believe are the top 3 online sports betting site.

Other popular online bookmakers include, SkyBetUniBet, and LuxBet!

You may also want to keep in mind that each of the above sites offer special deals to new members. Depending on where you live these deals may not be available.

What do you think of joining multiple sports betting sites? Can you see the advantages? Have you joined multiple sports betting sites?