This Hot Sports Babes post is going to be a little different than my usual hot sports babes. Whereas usually I feature a particular hot sports babe that actually plays sport or is sport related this post is going to be about a whole lot of Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies!

I’ve looked far and wide to find you these Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies and believe me they are the pick of the bunch. All these Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies were found using various search engines. If one of them is of you and you don’t want to be featured on this Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies post, just drop me a line and I’ll remove your image.

You may have noticed that I’ve used the Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies quite a few times. That’s all part of my SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Thats also the main reason for having so many sexy hot sports babes all in one post. You see, images are also an important part of SEO!

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Top Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies

Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies tight buns

While this little honey is a hot sports babe contender I personally think the angle doesn’t do her justice. Still, you can definitely see that all the hard workouts are paying off.

Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies nice cleavage shot

Talk about concentration curls. Good way to build up those biceps and we can all see there’s no reason for her to do a chest workouts.  :devil: Read the rest of this entry

Maria-Sharapova hot sports babeThere’s been a lot of negative hype about Maria Sharapova over the last couple of days. It all has to do with an up and coming ban for taking the banned drug Meldonium. There are some like Jennifer Capriati who are saying that Maria Sharapova should be stripped of all her titles.  Really? Considering that prior to January 2016 the drug wasn’t illegal I think that Capriati should pull her head in.

It’s obvious that a ban is eminent the question is how long will it be? Some are insisting it should be 4 years but that will probably end Maria Sharapova’s career.

Personally I feel a year would be more that enough. That would allow her the time to get back into the swing of things and to prove herself to the world once again. I think it’s enough that she’s losing millions as her sponsor are pulling away one by one.

Everyone is saying that Maria Sharapova knew that she was taking a banned substance. Maria says she’s never seen the email. I get a hell of a lot of emails. I’m sure that someone of her stature would get a whole lot more. So I ask you, considering how much email she does get isn’t it possible that could have missed one? Read the rest of this entry