kiira Korpi hot sport babeIt’s been quite awhile since I’ve written a Hot Sports Babes post. The last one featured Maria Sharapova. For todays hot sport babes post I thought I would approach a sport that usually features heaps of hot sports babes. I’m talking about the sports of ice skating, in particular, figure skating. Welcome Kiira Korpi Hot Sport Babe #33.

Kiira Korpi Hot Sport Babe Hall Of Fame

Kiira Linda Katrina Korpi was born on 26th September 1988 in Tampere, Finland.

On her official website Kiira states she doesn’t remember exactly when her yearning to become the world’s best figure skater began. She doesn’t even regret that in her 20 years of figure skating she was never able to fulfil that dream. Our latest hot sports babe seems to have a very positive attitude in life. I get that from this quote;

“My journey as a competitive skater that lasted over 20 years was full of different experiences, emotions, places and people that I feel very grateful to have encountered.

Especially the challenges and difficult times that I faced through out my career turned out to be the most valuable experiences and created space for something new and beautiful to emerge.”

In her career she’s won a bronze medal in 2007, another in 2011 and a silver medal in 2012. Kiira continues to perform, which I’m sure we’re all grateful for, because the sport brings her so much enjoyment.

Collage of Sexy Kiira Korpi Hot Sports Babe

Kiera Korpi Hot Sport Babe collage

I could rave on for ages about her external beauty but everyone knows that can pale to a persons inner beauty. Unfortunately I don’t know her well enough to judge her on that but I reckon you can get an inkling of that by the stuff a person posts online.

You can see from her Instagram that she is very down to earth. Family and friends, flowers and the beauty she finds in the world around show she’s not vain at all.

Her Facebook page shows her love of the sport, with heaps of photos and videos to boot.

I’m sure if Benson was going to paint her it would look something like this.

Kiira Korpi painting

And so we include Kiira into our Hot Sport Babes hall of fame.

This Hot Sports Babes post is going to be a little different than my usual hot sports babes. Whereas usually I feature a particular hot sports babe that actually plays sport or is sport related this post is going to be about a whole lot of Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies!

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Top Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies

Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies tight buns

While this little honey is a hot sports babe contender I personally think the angle doesn’t do her justice. Still, you can definitely see that all the hard workouts are paying off.

Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies nice cleavage shot

Talk about concentration curls. Good way to build up those biceps and we can all see there’s no reason for her to do a chest workouts.  :devil: Read the rest of this entry