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I have to say that the most popular category on this blog has to be Hot Sports Babes. I must admit that I have Daniel Conn sexy hot sports hunkhad a fair few emails of the fairer sex who are complaining about not having any sexy guys in any of my posts. In my defence I’m not at all sure what women constitute as sexy. Heck, I’m a bloke. I Know what blokes want but how the hell am I to know what women want. Shit, I don’t know what women want at the best of times let alone what they consider sexy. Still, I’m not one to knock back a challenge so, for all you sports gals out there, I’ve decided to introduce a Hot Sports Hunks Category.

Daniel Conn Hot Sports Hunk

I have to be honest with you gals, it’s a lot harder to find hot sports hunks than it is to find hot sports babes. For some reasons a lot of the sports hunks prefer to keep their clothes on. I kept at it though and I finally came across Daniel Conn, an Aussie Rugby league player. Or at least he was a rugby league player until he was forced to retire at the early age of 25 because of a injury in round 12 of the 2011 NRL season.

I reckon the reason I was able to find more photos of Daniel Conn has to do with the fact that he’s also a model. In the collage below you will notice that over time he the tattoos have covered more and more of his body. Strangely enough it looks pretty good on him. Now don’t you guys go getting any dumb ideas either. I’ve already had to explain to the wife, who caught me searching the web for hot sports hunks, that I wasn’t planning on switching sides. That I was merely researching hot sports hunks for a future post. That didn’t stop her from giving me some queer looks every time she walked past and noticing different hot sports hunks on my computer screen.

You can read this article for a lot more information on Daniel Conn.

sexy daniel conn hot sports hunk

I’ve managed to come up with some nice signed hot sports hunks images of Daniel Conn too.

Honestly though ladies, I could really use some help finding this Hot Sports Hunks. So, if have a hot sports hunks that you would like featured just leave me a comment with your suggestion.