Become An Overnight Sports Millionaire

How would you like to become an overnight sports millionaire? Shit, who wouldn’t like to become an overnight sports millionaire. Well, it is possible because of Unibet.

become an overnight sports millionaire
How can you become an overnight sports millionaire? I’m glad you asked.

How To Become An Overnight Sports Millionaire

Unibet Australia is running a $1,000,000 Champions of Champions competition. The problem is you only have days to enter as the competition closes on the 28th of February!

To stand a chance  of becoming an overnight sports millionaire all you have to do id to pick the winners of 10 sporting events before Wednesday 28 February!

The only catch is you have to be a Unibet member. Not a Unibet member? Why not join now and have a go at winning that million bucks!


Missing The Footy?

What To Bet On After The Footy Season

I don’t know about you but I really miss the Footy. What makes it worse is there just isn’t much on the TV to replace the AFL. I’m not into the races and watching golf is like watching paint drying on the wall. I suppose the cricket isn’t too bad but I’m not that much of a cricket fan either.

The problem with not being a mad sports fan, other than the footy, is that there’s not that much to bet on.

Having said that though I know there are probably heaps of sports fans out there who would still love to place a sports bet. Especially when placing a sports bet online is so easy! Not to mention the fact that online sports betting exposes the lucky punter to almost any sport anywhere in the world.

Popular Sports Betting Opportunities

As we’re a week into December punters can look forward to the season of summer sports. This weekend Australia and New Zealand face off in a test cricket game.

There are still some great racing opportunities for punters with the Hong Kong international cup on Sunday.

The Australian Open being just around the corner will expose tennis fans to a large scope of online betting opportunities.Soccer is still going strong and there are heaps of special deals available to punters. A lot of them being offered by Sportsbet!Bet365 is on the ball as well offering Mobile and Tablet users the ability to watch their favourite sport live on these devices. Lucky Bet365 punters also get the latest promotions and sports action sent straight to their mobiles. Unibet and William Hill also offer their members special deals and offers. This is just one of the reasons I join more than one online sports betting site.

The only drawback for online betting is that some people lose control and could fall into the problem gambling pitfalls.This is why responsible gambling is so important.

Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

Australian Sports Betting SitesProbably the most asked question I get is “What are the best Australian sports betting sites. I get asked this because they know I have this blog and because they know I actually test the majority of the sports betting sites that I write about.

Choosing the best Australian sports betting sites is pretty relative though because everybody has different tastes. It’s still an important question though for prospective punters because it’s such an important step in their online punting success.

While some Australian sports betting sites may offer the best odds they may not offer a great sports betting market. Others sports betting sites may have a bigger sports betting market to choose from but they don’t offer the best odds.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, and have followed my online bets, you would have noticed that the Australian sports betting sites that I recommend all have a huge amount of betting options/markets and offer great odds. Not only that they also occasionally offer great promotions like money back guarantees.

I Personally Use The Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

Unlike other sites that recommend sports betting sites I actually use the sports betting sites that I recommend. You can see this is my Bet Of The Week posts, a lot of which contain actual screen shots of my bets. Many also show the odds from my top 3 online sports betting sites, William Hill, Bet365 and SportsBet.

When choosing from the best Australian Sports Betting sites I always make sure that have great apps. The reason for that is that apps make placing a sports bet online so much easier. My post the Best Sports Betting App, shows which of all the apps I use is the best one and why I gave that view.

I always recommend to join more than one online sports betting site. Advantages of doing this include…

  • Getting the best of the sports betting deals they occasionally offer like the $700 FreeBet (not available in some states)
  • Always getting the best odds available by playing one Australian sports betting site against another
  • Always being able to place a bet. You never know when one of them goes offline because of maintenance or something and if that ever does happen you’ll still be able to place your bet by suing one of the other of the best Australian Sports Betting Sites.