Have you heard the latest? Formula 1 bans grid girls! They were discussing it last year and ever since F1 fans have been waiting with baited breath. Today the F1 morons have decided to can all the grid girls. I’ve found the best article on “Formula 1 bans grid girls” was written by the BBC.

Before I begin my rant, I want to show you a little video put together on the Formula 1 bans grid girls debacle.

My View On Formula 1 Bans Grid Girls

Formula 1 Bans Grid GirlsBefore I give my opinion on the Formula 1 banning the grid girls I’m going to tell you why they’re doing it. It’s Sean Batch’s opinion that; “While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grand Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern-day societal norms!”

He then goes on to say; “We don’t believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world.”

Honestly, Sean? You believe the fans don’t want to see the grid girls? Your Red Bull driver, Daniel Ricciardo would like them to stay!

In the article, I linked to above, “In December, BBC Sport carried out a vote on whether ‘grid girls’ should be part of Formula 1, with 60% saying that they should be.” Whatever happened to giving the majority what they want? Instead, they have to bow down to the do-gooders and feminists!

What about the grid girls themselves? I’ve posted a tweet from Lauren Jade, a now former grid girl, who thinks the world has gone bonkers!

I’m sure that a lot of the other grid girls would agree with her.

We’ve now lost sexy women in the Clipsal 500, the Formula 1 and in Professional darts. What next? The UFC, wrestling? Where will it end. Thankfully I’ve already written a post on grid girls and those lovely walk-on darts babes. At this rate, I may have to can my hot sports babes posts. :tongue_out: Just kidding, that is never going to happen. :drunk:

Honestly, what do you think of their decision?

Maria SharapovaThe last time I wrote about Maria Sharapova was when she featured as a Hot Sports Babe. Since then she’s been banned from tennis as a drug cheat. As her doping ban nears a close she would have to fight her way up the ladder just to be included in a tournament. That is of course unless she’s offered a wildcard!

Much to the disappointment of many a tennis fan, and some big name tennis players, Maria Sharapova has been offered a wild card at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

The question is should she be offered a wild card or should she be forced to fight through the ranks for another chance at a tournament.? Why even would she even be offered a wildcard? After all one should be discouraging drug cheats not offering them crumbs to give them a leg up, right?

Why Maria Sharapova Is Offered A Wildcard.

According to her agent, Max Eisenbud, ‘The interest has been there, claimed Eisenbud. “Every WTA tournament called me, every single one,” he said.’

Personally I reckon it’s purely a business decision. Tournament officials obviously believe that Maria Sharapova will be a draw card. I’m sure more people will come to watch her play than would avoid attending because of her presence. Everyone involved wants their tournament to be a success and those offering Maria a wildcard obviously believe she will help to secure that success.

Former No.1 Chrissie Evert supports the wildcards being offered saying, “Maria has served her term and this decision of playing is really within the rule as far as the wild card entry,” Evert told the media. “I remember many, many weeks I started out on a Wednesday playing a match so it’s not like first rounds aren’t on Wednesday.”

Me, I’m more than happy to have her back. Who knows, with the break she was forced to have Sharapova may even be really successful.

What’s your feelings on her being offered all these wildcards.