Blonde Sports Joke

It’s been awhile since my last sports joke so I figured it was about time for another one. Knowing how popular blonde jokes are I thought I’d make this one a blonde sports joke orientated post.

Blonde Sports Joke The Blonde Counsellor

A blonde began a job as an elementary school counsellor and she was eager to help. One day during recess she noticed a girl standing by herself on one side of a playing field while the rest of the kids enjoyed a game of soccer at the other.

The blonde approached and asked if she was all right.

The girl said she was.

A little while later, however, Sandy noticed the girl was in the same spot, still by herself. Approaching again, Sandy offered, “Would you like me to be your friend?”

The girl hesitated, then said, “Okay,” looking at the woman suspiciously.

Feeling she was making progress, the blonde then asked, “Why are you standing here all alone?”

“Because,” the little girl said with great exasperation, “I’m the goalie!”  :soccer:

Victoria’s Blonde Sports Joke

In one of my previous sports jokes posts I introduced you to one of Sexy Sal’s blonde jokes. I love Sexy Sal’s blonde jokes but Sexy Sal belongs to WassupBlog. I think it’s only appropriate that EZ eSports Betting deserves it’s very own Sexy Sports Comedian. I looked high and low for a sexy sports mascot that would fit the bill and I finally found her.

She’s Victoria and she was named after the Roman Goddess of the same name. Even though the Goddess Victoria was more a symbol of victory over death determining who would be successful during a war I have named her the Goddess Of Sports

Our Victoria also has a love for sports and loves it when her teams are victorious. She also has a great sense of humour and loves to tell a good joke. Today is Victoria’s debut on, and keeping with the theme of this post it just happens to be a blonde sports joke.

blonde sports jokes Victoria's blonde joke


I couldn’t find any blonde sports jokes on YouTube but I did manage to find a sports related video that I know you will enjoy. Heck, you may even see a blonde or two in there  :tongue_out: It’s called…

Funniest Sports Moments Of 2013

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Sports Betting Jokes

What’s that I hear? You want some more sports betting jokes? What a coincidence I was planning on writing a sports betting jokes post anyway. :D

I reckon we all know that sports have probably been a popular pass time for centuries. That being the case we can probably also say that punters have been betting on sports for centuries. Well I’ve come across a joke that is so old it’s positively Biblical. I give to you the…….

Oldest Sports Betting Joke

Oldest Sports betting joke sports betting


This next joke may not technically be a sport betting joke but it’s definitely a betting joke and it takes place in the most popular place ever for placing bets. The local pub.

The Travelling Salesman Pub Bet

A travelling salesman wanders into a country pub and  notices that there is a fishbowl full of $10 notes sitting on the bar. After ordering a pint of Fosters the salesman ask the barman what the deal with the fishbowl full of cash was.

“Well,” says the barman, “we have this donkey out the back who hasn’t uttered a peep in all the years that we’ve had him. If you can make that dumb ass donkey make some sort of noise you win all that money in the fishbowl. All it will cost you is to put ten bucks in the kitty.

“No bloody worries mate,” says the salesman. “I’ll take that bet!” The salesman proceeds to place ten dollars into the fishbowl and then wanders out the back. Not two minutes later the donkey stars to Hee Hawing. The salesman wanders back into the bar and without a word pockets all the money and leaves the pub.

A couple of weeks later he visits the pub again and notices the fishbowl full of $20 notes. He orders another pint of Fosters and points to the fishbowl. “Whats with all the money this time” he asks the barman.

“Mate, ever since the last time you were in we haven’t been able to shut that damn donkey up. Anyone who can shut him up will win everything in that fishbowl. This time though it will cost twenty bucks to give it a try.”

“Shit mate. That sounds like a really sweet deal. I reckon I’ll take some of that action!” The salesman pulls out his wallet and places twenty bucks into the fishbowl, shoving the wallet back into his pocket as he saunters out to the back of the pub. A few minutes later the donkey stops braying. There is absolute quiet! The salesman walks back into the bar and again pockets all the cash. He was just about to leave when the barman stops him. “Hang on a sec matey. Before you go running off again you have to tell us exactly what you did to make him bray and then what you did to make shut him up.”

Easy says the salesman. The first time I whispered in his ear and told him my cock was bigger than his. The second time I showed him.”

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard that one before because I heard that one way back when I was in high school!

You know, I didn’t think I’d be able to find a Sports betting Joke video, but I looked around YouTube and came up with a really good one. The guy telling the joke is Hannibal Buress. He’s telling the joke live from Chicago and it’s a joke about betting on basketball.

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Funny Golf Joke Of The Week

I know how much you guys are enjoying the Hot Sports Babes posts. That last one on the Hottest Sports Babes At The Commonwealth Games seems to be a hit. One of the reasons I chose to set the easy sports betting site as a blog was because it is so much more versatile than a static website. Allows easy updates of information and gives the readers a chance to interact through the comments section.

It’s because it’s so easy to update that I can have so many categories like the Hot Sports Babes I mentioned above, the informative easy sports betting articles and the sports joke category. Speaking of which leads me to todays post. Today’s post is actually another funny golf joke. This makes it the third one so far. Don’t know why but there are more funny golfjokes out there than anything else. The first one was about a woman learning how to play golf. The second one about women golfers who don’t wear panties.

Todays funny golf joke is sort of tragic. It’s about a man who is killed on the golf course.

Man Killed On Golf Course

A foursome of guys was waiting at the men’s tee while a foursome of women was hitting from the women’s tee. The ladies were not rushing and were  taking their time. When the final lady was ready to hit her ball, she hacked it ten feet. Then she went over and missed it completely. Then she hacked it another ten feet and finally hacked it another five feet.

She looked up at the patiently waiting men and said apologetically, “I guess all those f~cking lessons I took over the winter didn’t help.”

One of the men immediately responded, “Well, there you have it. You should have taken golf lessons instead!”

He never even had a chance to duck. He was only 66 . . .

Funny Golf Joke About A Blonde

Now I would like to introduce you to Sexy Sals Blonde Joke. Sexy Sals usual home is on WassupBlogs Sexy Sals Jokes. But because I asked her so nicely she’s agreed to tell one of her famous blonde jokes. And, because this is an easy sports betting site she’s graciously made it funny golf joke.

funny golf joke Sexy Sals Blonde joke

Did you know that there was such a thing as a woman’s or ladies tee? I sure didn’t. Here is an explanation of a woman’s tee. They reckon it’s a little embarrassing for a  bloke to hit a golf ball from a woman’s tee. Check out this next, really funny video.

Golf Joke The Woman’s Tee

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