Crows Win The Sunday Showdown

Crows Win First Showdown Since 2012

People said I was crazy to back the Adelaide Crows. They said that there was no way in hell that there would be an Adelaide Crows win today. But the Crows proved them all wrong and I showed them all that I was right to back the Adelaide Crows.

Adelaide Crows Win Showdown

If you remember in my last Bet Of The Week post I put money on a Crows win. Just to make things more interesting I split my bets. As you can see from the image above, if the Crows had scored just two more points I would have gotten 4 out of 4, not including the Central Districts bet. Man, you should have heard me egging the boys on in those last few minutes to try motivate them to get those extra two points. Yeah, as if they could hear me from the lounge room 😀

Check out the AFL site bet365 for Crows winto get all the match results. Suffice it to say that the Crows finally broke the Showdown drought and put themselves in contention again for a spot in the top eight.

Did I not mention in that last post that there were a few things that was present in this particular Showdown that would motivate a Crows Win!! Man, I love it when I am right.

If you remember, when I first joined bet365 I took them up on their “Up to $200 dollar deposit bonus. I deposited $100 and them matched my deposit. This win has now increased my betting pool to $212.50, even after my previous losses. Sure I could have won a lot more if I put more money on them, but that would have broken one of my important gamble responsibly rules. Only bet what you can afford to lose. This way I can enjoy my sports bets even when my sports bet does not come in.

So, who among you had the balls to back the Crows? Did having placed a bet on a Crows win make the game more exiting for you, as it did for me? Don’t be shy. Leave a comment to tell me how you went for your bet of the week. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on this game. Any sporting event that paid off for you would be fine.


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