Fortuna Comes To Ez eSports Betting

Just over a week ago I introduced you to Victoria our Sports Goddess. Ever since that post I’ve been hunting high and low for someone to represent Lady Luck. No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find anyone suitable. My only option was to find a talented person to design her for me. I found someone who not only showed a lot of talent, having brought Victoria to life for me, but someone who could also breathe luck into our Lady Luck. I reckon it was pure luck too that I found Jen.

Welcoming Fortuna To EZ eSports

I chose the name Fortuna because Fortuna is the name of the Roman Goddess of luck. When Jen brought life to Fortuna she did so with a transparent background. This allows me to place her on any background of my choosing.

Fortuna Lady Luck

Fortuna, not just a pretty face

That’s right Fortuna is more than just a pretty face. She comes to EZ eSports to help you guys to decide whether or not to place a bet on any given sport. How does she do that? I’m so glad you asked. 😉 You’ll find Fortuna at the bottom of the Lady Luck Page. That pretty lady of luck links to the following online betting sites.

Fortuna can only help you if you’re a member of one of those sites. If you’re not a member you may want to join one so you can take advantage of Lady Luck’s advice.  :thumb_up:

Every time the page refreshes Fortuna will point to one of the above online betting sites. You simply click on Lady Lucks image and if she takes you to one that you’re a member of then Lady Luck is smiling on you and you are free to place a bet. If luck is truly with you then you will win that bet. If after clicking on her you’re taken to an online betting site that you’re not a member of then she is advising you that perhaps you should not make that bet. Pretty simple huh?

Don’t Know Which Online Sports Betting Site To Join?

How long have you been sitting back not sure which online sports betting site to join? Even after reading all my brilliant reviews you’re still not sure which one to go for? Well, wonder no longer. Just let Fortuna choose the lucky online sports site for you. Click on Fortuna and whichever one you land on, that’s the one to join.

Naturally you probably won’t want to click on her every time you want to place a bet. She’s there for those times when you just can’t make up your mind whether or not to place a bet.

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