Fortuna Round 7 Footy Tips 2015

Man, getting those footy tips right isn’t such an easy task is it? Even Fortuna had a bad week last week. Nowhere near as good as her week 5 footy tips where she got 8 teams out of the nine right. That was pretty damn good!

So let’s see how Fortuna does this week in Fortuna Round 7 Footy Tips.

Fortuna Round 7 Footy Tips 2015

Fortuna round 7 footy tips 2015

  • Nth. Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Hawthorne
  • GWS Giants
  • Sydney
  • West Coast
  • Fremantle
  • Richmond
  • Port Adelaide

One of the reasons I started this AFL Footy Tips category is because I needed something to help me win more MultiBets. There are a lot of sites out there who crap on about having the best Muti Bet tips almost guaranteeing you a win. But like I wrote in my last post about MultiBet tips there just isn’t any way anyone can guarantee that. That’s why they call it gambling.

Still, I’m trying my own MultiBet strategy where I pick 5 to six of the 9 teams who I think have the best chance of winning. For my last pick I try and choose a team with better odds so as to increase the overall odds knowing that with Sportsbet I can Cash Out and take whatever I’ve won up to that stage.

AFL Round 7 MultiBet Selection

  • Adelaide $1.19
  • GWS Giants $1.50
  • Sydney $1.26
  • Fremantle $1.26
  • Richmond $2.15

For my MultiBet I placed a dollar on each of those teams. Keeping with my responsible gambling limits that left me $5 for my MultiBet which increased my odds to $6.09 returning $30.46 for a win. How did I come to those figures? I’m so glad you asked.

How MultiBet Odds Are Worked Out

The way they work out the MultiBet odds is really quite simple. First thing you do is you multiple each of the above odds together. 1.19 x 1.50 x 1.26 x 1.26 x 2.15 = 6.09 Simple right. So if you multiply those odds by my $5 wager a winning bet would net me a cool $30.46. That’s a whole lot more than I could win from betting on any single team, but then it’s a lot harder to win a MultiBet.

Multibet picks round 7 AFL 2015

The image above shows the two steps involved in finalising my MultiBet. You may be wondering why my estimated returns is higher than the MultiBet win I mentioned in the paragraph above. The reason for that is the individual wins for each leg of the MultiBet is added to the total winning bet. That’s another reason why I like MultiBets so much.

Have you placed your MultiBet yet?

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