Even though this site is all about Sports Betting, every now and again I like to cover other sorts of gambling. Especially if it will help you to hold on more of your winnings. The Gamble Box metal piggy bank is designed to help you hold onto your winnings when you go to places like the casino. How often have you gone to the casino, won some money only to feed it back to the slot machines or on one of the many games, like Black Jack or the Roulette or something. I know I’ve done it on more than one occasion :(

While responsible gambling is all about not spending more than you can afford to lose I reckon helping you to hold onto your winnings should also fall under the responsible gambling umbrella. That is exactly what the Gamble Box is designed to do.

Gamble Box – What Does It Do?

The Gamble Box is a Metal Pocket Sized Gambling Casino Piggy Bank. It’s designed specifically to stop the addictive urge to gamble away your winnings. Wouldn’t it be great to actually leave the casino with money in the piggy bank? Of course it would. The Gamble Box is sturdy and pocket size. You take it with you to the casino leaving your keys at home.

When you go to the casino you take the pocket size Gamble Box and whatever money you’re prepared to gamble with. They recommend to take $20 bills. Whether you’re on the slots or playing Black Jack as soon as you win some money you place the corresponding amount into your Gamble Box. Because you haven’t got the keys your winnings will stay there until you get home. This means rather than getting home with empty pockets you have your Gamble Box full of your winnings.

Use the Gamble Box to lock up jewellery, rings, credit cards and naturally cash. It can hold 4 credit cards, 20 cash bills, a few rings and a necklace and bracelet at once. Fits great in small places so you can hide it from prying eyes.

Naturally you’re going to want to hear from some actual owners of the Gamble Box before wanting one of your own. You’ll notice it comes with some great personal reviews.

Gamble Box

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Just to finish off I’ve found a little video about the Gamble Box.

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Gamble Box Gambling JACKPOT Must watch how gamblers can leave the casino without giving back every dollar

The Gamble Box is a very simple effective product to leave the casino with cash - how many times have you left saying man I should have just left 30 minutes ago with cash - well just one time if you stuck folded cash bills in your pocket lock box - it would pay for itself time and time again . many ways to use it - stick half your winnings in or all - or have a bank roll of $20 bills - if you win $80 don't leave your playing seat just take some cash from your bank roll and stick that in the box - the GambleBox is made from forged stainless steel and your not breaking into it. Guaranteed to leave with more money then ever - its a no brainer - its an investment !!! people are sticking $500 - $1000 in it and saying if they didn't they would have spent that in one hour - go home happy to play another day not busted and mad !!!

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