Getting Your Best Odds On Your Sports Bets

Getting Your Best Odds Is Important

I would say that most of the best punters have one thing in common. They believe in getting the best odds on their sports bets. Naturally the only way they can be assured of getting the best odds is by joining more than one online sports betting site! All good punters should be comparing the odds offered by the relative bookies. That’s why you should try getting your best odds!

If you’re not comparing odds you could be costing yourself money. Getting better odds means bigger winnings which means more money in your pocket! Heck, it’s hard enough getting a win these days why wouldn’t you want to increase your winnings when they do come in?

Joining Online Sports Betting

Joining online sports betting sites is easy. Better yet it’s absolutely free so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of getting your best odds by joining more than one online bookie? Joining more than one online bookie allows you to take advantage of whatever bonus they’re offering for new members. Unfortunately for Aussies these bonuses may not be available depending on where you live. I spoke about this on my Sports Betting Nanny State post. Check out some of the deals of the following recommended online sports betting sites.

Getting The Best Odds On Your Sports BetsSportingbet is one of the first online betting sites that I joined. One of the main reasons for joining Sportingbet was because it was owned by William Hill one of England’s most renowned bookies. I wrote about them here. Actually I tried to join them first, being so impressed with them as a sports betting company, but couldn’t being an Aussie and all. 

They lead me to Sportingbet and I am so glad that they did. When joining any online betting site I always make sure that they have a sports betting app. This is essential as it makes placing a bet online so much easier. No matter where I am using my app I can place a bet online with ease.

Another thing I liked about Sportsbet is that they accepted PayPal. Since then I’ve joined Neteller and now, while still a positive, it’s not as important. I did a post on how Neteller was a great secure sports betting service.

Bet365 was the second online bookie that I joined. If you open an account with bet365, deposit $20 or more and you will qualify for a 100% matched amount as a bonus to bet with up to a maximum of $200. I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of this offer. Unfortunately that offer is no longer available to South Australian residents. That Nanny State post I mentioned above mentions all the other states who can’t take advantage of the offer. Man, I hate it when the Government takes it upon themselves to make up these stupid rules. I’m going to join whether or not there is an offer available so what’s the point?

See my Bet365 page for more more about this online betting agency.


Getting Your Best OddsSportsbet is another popular Aussie online sports betting site. You’ve probably seen one of their commercials, some which are quite amusing, that show just how easy it is to place a a bet online using their app?

Apart from the $150 match bet offer Sportsbet has a lot of other products that it offers it’s members. I wrote about them in my Great Sportsbet Products post.

When looking for a sports betting site to join one of the most important factors is age. The longer they’ve been around the better. Shonky sites just don’t last long. Sportsbet has been around since 1993 making it Australia’s oldest licensed bookmaker.

Just a quick note, the Sportsbet offer was valid as of writing this post. It may have changed since then.

If you need more help selecting which sports betting sites to join, why not let Fortuna, our very own Lady Luck help you pick them.

I just put a little video together highlighting 4 great reasons for joining more than one online betting site. Of course the main one would be so you’re ensure of getting your best odds when placing a bet online. 😉




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