I’ve decided to join  Ladbrokes Australia today and the following is my Ladbrokes Australia review.

Ladbrokes Australia Review
Ladbrokes Australia reviewAs far as joining goes it was a breeze once I got passed my browser’s auto-fill of the address. Seems it doesn’t play well with Ladbrokes sign on page. I’ve included part of the joining process in the video below.

In the interest of Responsible Gambling I highly recommend setting a weekly deposit limit. You’ll notice I set mine at $50, but I know that will last me for ages. Especially since I spread my bets between William Hill and Sportsbet. All depending on who’s offering the best odds, of course,

You’ll also notice, from the image on the left, that they offer several methods for depositing money. I opted for PayPal, my favourite way for paying for stuff online.

Ladbrokes History
Naturally, before joining any online sports betting site I always make sure they’ve been around for quite awhile. Ladbrokes has been around  since 1886. You can read Ladbroke’s comprehensive history here.

What’s of interest to us Aussies is the fact that they paid some ₤13 million in 2013 for Bookmaker.com. They then paid a further ₤12 million for Betstar in 2014.

Yep, looks like they passed the reliability factor.


Ladbrokes Positives
As far as the Ladbrokes Australia site goes, and you’ll notice this in the video below, their site is very responsive. How fast are they.? Alexa rates it as Fast loading in 1.408 seconds. I took a screenshot of the Alexa report which you can see here.

Even though at first glance it appears that Ladbrokes is more into horse racing I noticed when looking closer that they also offer a fair bit of sports betting. Most importantly, they support my beloved AFL.

You’ll notice the navigation menu to be very straightforward The left column starts off with your live betting options, then lists your quick betting links. You then have three tabs, racing, sports and novelty which opens up into their complete sports betting offerings. Finally you have your “Featured Racing” links.

The tabs along the top of the page offers more details selected topics. It would probably be a good idea to keep an eye on their promotions page which is only available to members.

Ladbrokes Card

Something that many punters complain about is that it takes too long to get their hands on their winnings. Ladbrokes solved this problem by making available to members their Ladbrokes card. With this card punters can access their winnings almost immediately. Check out their video here

Ladbrokes App

Before joining Ladbrokes I made sure they had a good sports betting app. I haven’t used it yet so I will be updating this section as soon as I check it out.

Ladbrokes Australia Negatives
Like all of Australia’s sports betting sites, the government of certain states blocks those states from receiving any incentives for joining. Not really their fault but I thought I should list it.

Not as many sports betting options but that’s OK because they do offer most of the main ones.


Be sure to bookmark this page as I will be adding to it the more I put them through their paces. You can also look forward to a review of their app.

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