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My latest sports news that I find absolutely astounding is Brazil’s loss to Germany in yesterdays Fifa World Cup match. The loss itself isn’t so bad. In soccer, or any other sport for that matter, upsets occur. What is surprising is the magnitude of the loss. The final score was 7 – 1. That’s seven goals to Germany and only one for Brazil. Naturally the fact Brazil is hosting the World Cup makes such a loss even more embarrassing.

In the latest sports news, published only minutes ago, are predicting mayhem when daylight finally hits Brazil.

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They reckon that a repeat of of what happened after the 1998 World Cup Final loss to France is not out of the question. The assumption being that the Brazilians are too numb from the shock of it all to react after the game? Really? I would have thought that if anything was to happen it would have happened then and there, after the loss. Certainly not after they have slept the loss off, But that will all depend on whether there are certain Brazilian fans out there who are willing to stir things up. After all Brazilians are well known for their hot temper. Let’s not forget the beheading of the referee who stabbed a player in an amateur soccer game last year.

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  • No such predictions from Fox Sports! They’re offering five reasons, in a video format, for Brazils loss.
  • The BBC have chosen to feature an apology from Brazilian captain, David Luiz. But it’s the coach who takes the blame for their loss.

    However, Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari took responsibility for the defeat.

    “I will be remembered as the coach to lose 7-1 but I knew that risk when I took the job,” said Scolari, a World Cup winner with Brazil in 2002.

    “The person who decided the line-up, the tactics, was me. It was my choice.”

I reckon he’s got that right.

  • The New York Times aren’t far wrong when they state that Brazil was stunned Germany. Shit, I reckon most of the world was stunned by their loss.

 Reaction to Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany FIFA World Cup 2014

I think that pretty well sums up the general consensus of the latest sports news concerning the Fifa World Cup 2014, at least as far as Brazil’s loss to Germany that is. Feel free to add your view of that particular game in the comments section.


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  1. Debbie

    That was certainly a stunning victory for Germany and I am happy that my home boys went on to win the World Cup! 😀 Brazil was humiliated even further by losing the third place game to The Netherlands. Can’t say I feel too sorry for them, because they practice poor sportsmanship to the max. 🙁 I do feel sorry for the Brazilian people however. With all the poverty in that country, those billions could have been put to better use. Brazil is also going to be hosting the 2016 Olympics. Wonder how that will turn out? Thankfully, there’s been no news of beheadings.

    1. Peter

      Hey Debbie,

      so nice to see you again. So you have German heritage? I thought your home boys would be the Americans 😉

      Yep, the Germans did really well. I actually had a small wager on them to win the cup. They won the cup but I lost the bet because it went into extra time. I know it sucks but apparently it’s one of the rules those bookies live by.

      I also felt sorry for the Brazilians because they soccer mad and would have felt the loss. Personally, while I follow sports I don’t let it get to me. After all, it’s only a game 😉

      1. Debbie

        Jawohl, mein Freund. 😀 Born and bred in Germany, living in Canada. Yes, I was cheering for our southern neighbours as well, (except when they played against Germany of course), but the U.S. still has a ways to go, before they can be considered part of the “soccer elite”. (Canada sucks completely and never even qualified, except once.) I felt sorry for the fans of the Brazilian team, but not the team itself. Did you see some of their nasty moves, not to mention the histrionics on the field. Deplorable! Sorry you lost the bet.

        1. It’s all good Deb. I usually only place small wagers to make the game more exciting. This one didn’t matter much because, living in Australia, it played in the early hours of the morning and I had an early start for work.

          I think Australia did really well considering the crappy draw they got. Three losses but three great games. The Socceroos did their country proud in my opinion.

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