Legends Cup Hot Sports Babes

Seeing as how my subscribers have been pestering me for another Hot Sports Babes post I thought it only fair to give them what they want. For todays Hot Sports Babes post I’ve decided to feature a bunch of really hot sports women who play for the Legends Cup. The Legends Cup used to be called the Lingerie Bowl but that seemed to offend some feminists, and therefore also some sponsors. This caused them to change the name to the Legends Cup. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, the hot sports babes who play in the Legends Football league definitely fit into the hot sports babes category.

Legends Cup Hot Sports Babes

The Legends Football League has it’s very own website for anyone who is interested. If you’re interested in a bit of history on the Legends Cup I found this interesting article.

What makes the Legends Cup really interesting is not that these hot sports babes are scantily clad. Nope, what makes it really interesting is that the Legends Cup is really a full contact sport. These women go at it just like the men do. They do not hold back. I believe that the reason they had to change the shoulder pads was to give these hot sports babes more protection.

Something else to remember is that many of these hot sports babes have some sort of sporting background, anything from track and field to bodybuilding!

Yeah, I know that there will be a lot of women who are against the Legends Cup, and only because of the skimpy outfits that these hot sports babes wear. Let’s face it though. Sex sells and women wear skimpy outfits in nearly all sports. You’ve seen them on this very site. There was the skimpy shorts that Sabina Atynbekova and the other girls wore while playing volleyball. Then check out what Sally Pearson wore when competing in the Commonwealth Games. Then there is Anna Flanagan and the Hockeroos and some of the other hot sports babes at the Commonwealth Games. I don’t even think that these example fit in the sex sells category and yet every one of these hot sports babes are very sexy and their outfits do increase the sex appeal of these women.

OK. Lets have a look at the Hot Sport Babes Collage I’ve made of the Legends Cup Hot Sports Babes.

Legends Cup Hot Sports Babes Collage

legends cup hot sport babes


I managed to find a really good video of these Hot Sports Babes in action. It’s the 4th quarter in the Seattle Mist vs Las Angeles Temptation, week 15.

You can also thank Troy of 1ksmiles for suggesting I do a post on these hot sport babes.

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  1. Troy S.

    Yes! Good stuff eh? I have been to a couple of these games and they are no joke. These girls are tough. Plus the smaller field and a few rule changes from regular American style football makes it a fun game.

    1. You’re not kidding they’re tough. I watched that video and some of those tackles are amazing. I sure as hell wouldn’t want them to tackle me in that way. Thanks for the tip Troy.

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