Maria Sharapova Hot Sports Babe #32

Maria-Sharapova hot sports babeThere’s been a lot of negative hype about Maria Sharapova over the last couple of days. It all has to do with an up and coming ban for taking the banned drug Meldonium. There are some like Jennifer Capriati who are saying that Maria Sharapova should be stripped of all her titles.  Really? Considering that prior to January 2016 the drug wasn’t illegal I think that Capriati should pull her head in.

It’s obvious that a ban is eminent the question is how long will it be? Some are insisting it should be 4 years but that will probably end Maria Sharapova’s career.

Personally I feel a year would be more that enough. That would allow her the time to get back into the swing of things and to prove herself to the world once again. I think it’s enough that she’s losing millions as her sponsor are pulling away one by one.

Everyone is saying that Maria Sharapova knew that she was taking a banned substance. Maria says she’s never seen the email. I get a hell of a lot of emails. I’m sure that someone of her stature would get a whole lot more. So I ask you, considering how much email she does get isn’t it possible that could have missed one?

Maria Sharapova sexy hot sport babeI also ask you, do you think that she would be dumb enough to ignore that warning if she had seen that email. I don’t.

Besides, what ever happened to presumption of innocence rule? I know when the government changes road rules there’s always a lot of warning given. Also, most times after being caught just after the rules have been changed you’re usually let off with a warning. Not Sharapova, she’s hit with the guilty plea and no-one is listening to her defence.

I found this interesting ABC article where the creator of meldonium, Professor Ivar Kalvins, speaks out against all the calls to ban Maria Sharapova.

“Meldonium is not a performance-enhancing drug. It just helps to protect the athlete’s heart from the consequences of physical overwork. That means it watches over athletes’ health.

To ban this medicine means to ban athletes from taking care of their health. I consider it to be a kind of violation of human rights.”

Anyway, I’m over all this bullshit. I say give Sharapova a chance. If you have to ban her then just give her the minimum ban allowed.

I’m disregarding all this negativity and I’ve decided to make Maria Sharapova our latest hot sports babe. The Maria Sharapova Hot Sports Babe Title has been a long time coming and I know there’s not a person out there who would dispute this. Certainly no-one can say that Meldonium could have influenced her admission into our Hot Sports Babes Hall Of Fame.

Maria Sharapova Hot Sports Babe Hall Of Fame

Maria Sharapova hot sports babe hall of fame

Maria Sharapova Hot Sports Babe? You betcha! She’s has that toned body that woman athletes are proud of.

Whether playing tennis, going out on the town or simply just lounging on the beach, she is a beauty to behold.

Maria Sharapova sexy hot sports babe bikini

To get the latest information on Maria Sharapova you should check out her Facebook page. She announced on Facebook the fact that she was going to make her latest announcement. It’s great to see that she is getting a lot of support from her fans.

She’s also on Instagram where you’ll find a lot of beautiful photos of Maria Sharapova Hot Sport Babe.

If you have anything to say about Maria Sharapova Hot Sport Babe you can do so in the comments below.


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  1. Troy

    So… the substance was banned 1/2016 and she got popped 3/2016? I think 4 years is harsh but stripping her of her titles is over the top. Yes, that seems a bit much for sure.

    1. Yeah, four years is harsh for sure. I’m still not sure that she believed she was taking a performance drug. She doesn’t seem to be that type of person.

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