Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United

Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United

Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United Showdown

Even though they don’t call it a showdown, Like the Port Power vs Adelaide Crows showdown. the Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United games are always pretty full on. It’s probably because of the South Australia vs Victoria rivalry. I don’t think the Vics like us at all. Probably because we always do things better and they’re always trying to do it better but seldom do so. Even though they will never admit it. 😉

It’s like when they took the Grand Prix from us. I went to the Grand Prix in Victoria a couple of years ago and I wasn’t all that impressed. What I found really shocking was the way everyone went home once the race was over. What’s with that? At least when we have the Clipsal 500 every year we send everyone home clamouring for more. Those concerts rock.

One thing I can say for the Vics though is their public transport was excellent. I was amazed at how quickly they moved that crowd.

But this post is about the Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United game this week. Melbourne Victory is definitely the favourite. Both teams haven’t lost a game yet this season. As you know when placing a bet on any sport you are never guaranteed a win. When I asked Lady Luck as to whether or not I should place a bet she pointed to Centrebet. Now I’m not a member of CentreBet so that means that I shouldn’t be placing a bet this week.

Even though Lady Luck says no I just had to place a bet. As you can see from the image above I’ve placed a small wager on both Melbourne Victory and Adelaide. The only way I can lose is if the game is a draw. If that happens I’ll have to be Lady Lucks forgiveness.  😉

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