When it comes to Hot Sports Babes I don’t think anyone would questions that the hottest sports babes would have toHot Sport Babes Houston Cheerleaders In Action be cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are really big in America and this isn’t surprising in the least considering it originated there. The whole idea of cheerleading was to inspire their teams to win. What a bonus that it also inspired and thrilled the spectators. :)

It’s also not surprising that cheerleading actually became a sport in its own rite. However, when considering it as a sport I’m not referring to the sideline cheerleaders that we see at the NFL and basketball. As reported in Teen Ink their main aim is “to entertain the crowd and lead them with team cheers, which should not be considered a sport. On the other hand, competitive cheerleading is a sport.” Reckon I’ll leave competitive cheerleading hot sports babes for another post.

Actually, now that I mention it, according to my recollection the bring it on series of movies are probably one of the best ways to see some of the competitiveness involved in cheerleading as a sport. If you haven’t seen the movie yet then the Bring It On: Cheertastic 3-Movie Pack is for you.

But back to the sexy online sideline sports babes cheerleaders that we all know and love. I’ve put together a collage of Hot Sports Babes Cheerleader for you all to admire and drool over ;)

NFL Hot Sports Babes Cheerleaders

Hot Sports Babes NFL Cheerleaders

The hot sports cheerleading babes in the above image represent several NFL clubs. I’ll go through them all from top left in a clockwise direction.

  • Ok, those first hot sports babes represent the Cincinnati Bengals. A pretty good lineup if I don’t say so myself :)
  • Next we have a lineup of pretty hot sports babes from the Jacksonville Jaguars. You would have to agree that they’re a great bunch of Hot Sports Gals!
  • This Hot Sport Babe blonde bombshell is from the Arizona Cardinals. I don’t know why but I’ve always had a thing for blondes. She’s not helping the problem one little bit. Then again, who cares, I love my blonde hot sports babes ;)
  • The next Hot Sport babes comes from the Dallas Cowboys. That link will take you to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders website rather than the their NFL club.
  • I had to include the next set of cheerleaders not only because they’re hot but because they’re showing a bit of hot sports babes cleavage. :)  Unfortunately I don’t know where these gals are from. If anyone know which NFL team they represent please leave me a comment.
  • The next hot sports babes cheerleaders are the Bronco Cheerleaders. Follow that link and you can meet the current Bronco Cheerleaders.
  • Next we have a representative from the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. I didn’t just pick her because she’s blonde either. She just happens to be a blonde hot sports babe cheerleader.
  • You can’t half tell that the next hot sports babes cheerleader is really getting into it. She represents the Baltimore Ravens and she’s loving every minute of it.
  • Finally, the centrepiece of my NFL Cheerleaders Hot Sports Babe collage we have, once again, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Now, for your enjoyment and entertainment I give to you the….

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dancing to “Shakin’ That Tailgate” by Trailer Choir


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Hot Sport Babes NFL Cheerleaders Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dancing to "Shakin' That Tailgate" by Trailer Choir

Hot Sport Babes Cheerleaders NFL Style Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders dancing to "Shakin' That Tailgate" by Trailer Choir
Sexy Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Episode 508 Game Day Segment
"Shakin' That Tailgate" by Trailer Choir

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