Online Betting As An Investment

A couple of my subscribers mentioned to me that I didn’t post my usual image of the bet I placed when I wrote the post on how online betting investmenteasy it was to place a bet with Sportingbet. When I wrote back to them that the reason there wasn’t an image is because I did a video in place of the regular image. Honestly guys, you need to watch the video. 😉

One then wrote back and said how my win was a pretty good investment. To tell you the truth I’m not comfortable using the term investment and online betting together. This is all to do with Responsible Gambling.

Online Betting Not An Investment

Guys, no matter how you look at it online betting is not an investment. Betting, whether it’s online or not is gambling. Because it’s gambling you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. I say this because it was brought to my attention that particular bet returned more than 50% on my original investment.

Now, there is a difference between and investment and a wager. Lets just say that I put that $10 in the bank at 4% interest. At the end of the year I would have $10.40. Some would say that was a pretty poor return on my initial investment and while that is true the biggest difference between that investment and a wager is it’s always there.

Sure, because I won the bet my original $10 wager earned me $15.50, a 55% increase. And yes that is a bloody good return, especially because I got it in about a week. But gambling being what it is I could just as easily lost that bet meaning I would end up with nothing. That would have been a very bad investment. At least if I left it in the bank I would still have something at the end of the year/

This is why it is so important to only bet what you can afford to lose. That way even when you lose it won’t affect you financially and it won’t ruin the added excitement from watching the game you bet on.

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