World Cup Standings

As the Fifa World Cup 2014 is currently at the half way mark it’s interesting to have a look at the current World Cup Standings.

Current World Cup Standings Eliminated Countries

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Group A



Group B



Group C

Ivory Coast


Group D



Group E



Group F



Group G



Group H


South Korea

[/contentbox] That’s 16 counties out and 16 countries still trying to get their hands on the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

Current World Cup Standings Remaining Countries

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Group A



Group B



Group C



Group D

Costa Rica


Group E



Group F



Group G



Group H




Well, now you know who is in and who is out. I’m actually quite surprised that the USA is still in the running. Especially when you consider the likes of Italy and England being kicked out and all.

Below is the current available World Cup Matches on Sportingbet.

World Cup Standing

If you would like to keep up to date with the updated version of the above image the following link will show you the current World Cup Matches. I’m assuming, Sportingbet being the professionals that they are, these will be updated as the World Cup matches progress.

So, the question is, now that half of the World Cup soccer nations have been kicked out, who do you think will actually win the World Cup? Leave a comment as to who you think will be the 2014 Fifa World Cup Winners. If you think you have a good idea of who the winners are and you would like to place a bet online, you should take advantage of  Sportingbet’s $700 free bet offer.


Crows Win The Sunday Showdown

Crows Win First Showdown Since 2012

People said I was crazy to back the Adelaide Crows. They said that there was no way in hell that there would be an Adelaide Crows win today. But the Crows proved them all wrong and I showed them all that I was right to back the Adelaide Crows.

Adelaide Crows Win Showdown

If you remember in my last Bet Of The Week post I put money on a Crows win. Just to make things more interesting I split my bets. As you can see from the image above, if the Crows had scored just two more points I would have gotten 4 out of 4, not including the Central Districts bet. Man, you should have heard me egging the boys on in those last few minutes to try motivate them to get those extra two points. Yeah, as if they could hear me from the lounge room :D

Check out the AFL site bet365 for Crows winto get all the match results. Suffice it to say that the Crows finally broke the Showdown drought and put themselves in contention again for a spot in the top eight.

Did I not mention in that last post that there were a few things that was present in this particular Showdown that would motivate a Crows Win!! Man, I love it when I am right.

If you remember, when I first joined bet365 I took them up on their “Up to $200 dollar deposit bonus. I deposited $100 and them matched my deposit. This win has now increased my betting pool to $212.50, even after my previous losses. Sure I could have won a lot more if I put more money on them, but that would have broken one of my important gamble responsibly rules. Only bet what you can afford to lose. This way I can enjoy my sports bets even when my sports bet does not come in.

So, who among you had the balls to back the Crows? Did having placed a bet on a Crows win make the game more exiting for you, as it did for me? Don’t be shy. Leave a comment to tell me how you went for your bet of the week. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on this game. Any sporting event that paid off for you would be fine.


Bet Only What You Can Afford To Lose

No matter which way you look at it, sports betting is gambling. Knowing that gambling can be a problem for certain people is why I wrote the post about gambling responsibly. Having said that sports betting can also be fun as long as you follow certain rules. Rules that I mentioned in that post.

One of the most important rules is betting only what you can afford. If you do that then sports betting can be an enjoyable pastime. Especially if you win. Failing to do that will make betting on any sport more stressful than anything else. If you’ve been reading this blog you would have noticed that I have lost more often than I have won. You would also have noticed that even when I lose I don’t seem at all worried. If anything, placing a bet on any given sport has increased my enjoyment of that particular game.

Bet Only What You Can Afford And Remove The Stress Of Losing

I enjoy the game more because a win means more than just watching my chosen team, horse or whatever, beat their opponent. It also means that I get something more from them winning. I also get a financial gain, no matter how small. For some reason it just makes the whole experience more exiting.

bet only what you can afford

If I lose, so what! the bet only cost me ten bucks. I blow way, way more than that when I take the family to the movies. Shit, the last time I went to see the flicks with my son. The popcorn and frozen coke cost me more than the movie itself. Now that is what I call a ripoff! All up I’m sure I spent close to a hundred dollars. I didn’t mind spending that though because I enjoyed the time with my son and I could well afford the expense.

The same with placing a bet. I can easily afford to lose the ten bucks so even if I do lose the bet it doesn’t ruin the whole betting experience.

If I couldn’t afford to lose a wager then rather than increase the enjoyment factor of any sport it would have the complete opposite effect. If that was the case then whats the point of betting on a sport at all?


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