Showdown Sunday Bet Of The Week

Yep, it’s going to be another Showdown this Sunday and what better game to feature this weeks bet of the week. For those of you who don’t know, every time the Crows play Port Power it’s called a Showdown. I have to admit the Crows haven’t been playing well of late and the Power has. Also the Power have won the last few showdowns But even though it looks bad for the Crows, I’m still putting my money on them.

Showdown Sunday For The Crows

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing backing the Adelaide Crows to win this weeks Showdown. I could say I had a gut feeling, at least I could use indigestion as an excuse when or if they lose. 😀Showdown Sunday

The fact that David Mackay will not be playing this week, being concussed from last weeks game against Essendon, will make winning that much harder But shit, miracles happen right.

Plus there is the fact that it’s an Adelaide Crows home game, giving us the home advantage. You have to admit, the guys are going to need all the help they can get. You’d hope that they would realise that a loss would almost kill any chance of getting into the top eight as well. Maybe that will be enough to fire them up so they actually win this Showdown.

I know they have it in them to win. They just have to believe in themselves enough to carry them over the line.

As you can see from the image on the right I’ve gone with bet365 for this weeks wager. Not as colourful as the Sportingbet app but every bit as functional.

Just to make things interesting I decided to split the way I spent my ten bucks this week.

Adelaide by 25+: I placed a buck for Adelaide to win by more than 25 points. Yeah, I know I’m dreaming. But, if it becomes a reality I’ll win $9.

Adelaide by 16+: Just hedging my bets, so in case they win my more than 16 points I’ll win $6. Of course if they get more than 25 points both bets will win.

Adelaide by 1-24: I’m thinking this means I win if they’re win falls into the 1-24 points range. Hopefully they’ll do that so I can see how this works. 😉

The second to last one is a $5 bet for a win. C’mon guys, you know you can do it!!!

The last one. Well, that has nothing to do with the Showdown. You see, I also happen to support Central Districts in the SANFL and I’m hoping they’ll kick the Redlegs ass. 😉

Did you notice the ‘Cash Out’ option that appears at the bottom of each of my bets. I wasn’t sure what the hell that was so I just had to find out. It seems to be special feature for bet365 members.

bet365 Cash Out Option

The Cash Out feature gives you more control over your bets and allows you to take a return before the event has started.

Traditionally, once your bet has been placed you would have to sit back and wait for it to be settled. With our new feature you now have the opportunity to monitor your selections and Cash Out at a point of your choice.

The amount offered will be dependent on how your bet is progressing and could be of a higher or lower value than your original stake. This allows you to take a profit if your bet is doing well, or minimise any potential loss should you think any upcoming selections are unlikely to result in a win.

Cash Out is available on selected pre-match markets on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Australian Rules Football, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball.

How to Cash Out 

Bets that are eligible for Cash Out will display in the My Bets section of your Bet Slip – and using Cash Out could not be easier.

Simply place your single or multiple bet, then monitor the My Bets section of your Bet Slip to see the amount being offered to Cash Out early. Should you decide to take this option all you need to do is click on the Cash Out button located beneath your selections.

The amount at which you decide to Cash Out is then fixed, the bet is settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account.

Now you now this weeks bet of the week and what the bet365 Cash Out option is all about. Who are you placing your bet on this week?

Oh, before you go, did you see my latest Hot Sport Babes post. It’s sort of AO and NSFW type of post but I kind of like it 🙂


Body Paint Sports Style Hot Sports Babe Of The Week

After my last post on Hot Sports Babes I’ve been getting all these emails from subscribers, thanks for subscribing guys, about whether or not I’ll be featuring any naked hot sports babes. Sorry guys, I’ve afraid this is not that sort of site. To be featured in a Hot Sports Babes post the babe has to have something naked women body paint hot sports babes

Not to disappoint I decided that women wearing body paint can be considered to be wearing something. After all, the paint can be considered a form of covering. I remember a while back when I posted on another of my blogs a beautiful woman who although is totally naked seems to be wearing jeans and top.

Sports Women Wearing Body Paint

Because of the World Cup fever I really wanted to post some great shots of actual sports fans wearing nothing but body paint. After hours of searching I couldn’t come up with much. Heaps of photos of models doing photo shoots but none of actual fans.

Like these two lovely ladies on the right for example. No-one can deny that they’re hot or that they’re doing a great job of promoting sports. You have to admit that those bus representing soccer balls are quite a site. They’re both sporting killer smiles too.

But alas, they’re not fans and in my opinion are definitely models. I did manage to find some dedicated fans from the Euro 2012 games though who, as you can tell from the image below that one, are dedicated soccer fans.

You have to admit that hot sport babes who go topless and paint their teams sport colours over their lovely pert boobs definitely have to be true sport fans, That and the fact they’re also not ashamed of their bodies.body paint soccer fans hot sport babes

Then of course you may get those hot sport babes who decide to go totally nude body paint style. Now that would take some real guts. Especially if you’re going to rock up at a sports venue. You kinda have to wonder whether or not these totally nude hot sports babes would be allowed into the sports venue. I know I wouldn’t mind it one little bit if the guys at the gate decided to let them in. 🙂 Although I would have to admit that I would find it pretty hard to concentrate on the game 😉

Strangely enough though I did manage to come across an interesting article involving body paint. It involves a former model turned reporter who seems to be stalking a well known soccer player. That soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo and the woman is Andressa Urach.

So, for this weeks sports body paint wearing babe, who is definitely a sports fan, I give to you Andressa Urach.

body paint sports Andressa Urach hot sports babe

Sure hope you enjoyed this weeks Hot Sports Babes. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss out on a Hot Sports Babes post.


Australia vs Spain Match Results 2014 World Cup

Do you remember how I backed Australia in the Australia vs Spain World Cup Game a few days back? You can read that post in my last bet of the week. It shows the three different wagers I placed on the Socceroos. I was sure that one of them would come through. Alas, I lost on all three accounts. Australia lost, they didn’t score in the second half and obviously Spain did score. Actually, they scored three times. The final scores in the Australia vs Spain match was Spain 3, Australia 0.

The three Spanish goals were by Santi Carzola, David Villa and the final goal by Fernando Torres. The first before half time and the last two in the second half. Yep, it looks like the Spanish players finally decided to wake up and show the world their true form. Too bad that it had to be against the Aussies.

You know what though. I still think the Socceroos did us proud. You have to admit we had a pretty rough draw in the 2014 World Cup. Not only did we have to play Spain and the Netherlands, the last World Cup finalists, we also had to play Chile. I suppose the fact that Tim Cahill was out of the game didn’t help. To be quite honest, if I knew Tim wasn’t going to play I probably wouldn’t have place those bets. According to Wikipedia Tim Cahill has been Australia’s top scorer, scoring 5 out of the 11 goals in their World Cup games.

Australia vs Spain Adam Taggart

Looks like there was a bit of a heart stopping for the Spaniards from Adam Taggart.

Who Are The Real Losers in the Australia vs Spain World Cup match

It would have to be the Spanish. The Australians have nothing to be ashamed of. They had an impossible draw in the 2014 Fifa World Cup and they played extremely well. I was proud of them and I was very proud to see all the support that the Aussies in Brazil gave to the Socceroos. The interviews I’ve seen on TV showed the Aussies loved their time in Brazil and more than enjoyed all three matches that the Socceroos participated in. There was even a short interview from some Spanish fans who praised the Aussies for the way they handled themselves in this years World Cup.

Unfortunately for the Spanish, the reverse is true. I’m sure their reception when returning home will be a lot different from the one the Aussies will get.

The good thing about all this is that every time the Aussie go to a world cup they’re building soccer’s popularity in Australia. Who knows, in time our young emerging soccer players will be a force to be dealt with in future World Cups.

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