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I know there may be many questions about online betting. I thought I might be able to answer some of them in this post.

These Are My Common Questions About Online Betting

Should I have Multiple Betting Accounts

Of the many questions about online betting the most common one would be whether or not to have multiple betting accounts. My personal opinion is one should have multiple accounts. This is because there are several advantages to having more than one account. Not all bookies offer the same odds so having more than one betting account allows you to get the best odds possible on any given sporting event.

Another reason for having multiple betting accounts is to take advantage of some of the promotions offered by the different betting agencies at different times. Just as an example, Sportingbet has a promotion on the Socceroos vs Netherlands World Cup game where they’re offering a huge $20 for Australia to beat the Dutch on Thursday. if you were going to bet on Australia anyway then this offer would definitely be for you. Bet365 also has their offers. I’ve taken a screenshot from both so you can see them ‘live’ ;) With Sportingbet’s offer a $10 wager will win me $200. Although I know it’s going to be pretty hard for the Aussies to win that game I took that bet,

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How Do I Read The Odds?

When I first starting getting into online betting of the many questions about online betting working out the odds was way out on top In Australia we use the decimal odds system. This is different from countries like England that use the old ‘x-1’ odds. I’ve heard though that they may be changing to the decimal odds soon. The screenshot of my win in the England vs Italy World Cup game shows exactly how the decimal odds system works. Basically, the odds was $2.60 for a win. So if I placed a $1 bet I would win $2.60. Because I actually placed a $5 wager I won 5 times that amount netting me $13. Once I remove the amount I actually bet I come up with my actual winnings which was $8.

What Is A Double Chance Bet?

I wrote about this in my post, What Is A Double Chance Bet

What Sort Of Sports Can I Place A Bet On

You can pretty will place a bet on almost any sport, and in almost any country. Whether its horse racing or the World Cup most online betting agencies will have it covered. Another reason for having multiple betting accounts If one bookie doesn’t cover it another would. Here are just some of the sports you can bet on.

Horses, trots, dogs, Soccer, AFL, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby Union, Baseball, American Football, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Alpine sports, Golf, Ice Hockey, Netball, Snooker, Surfing. Heck, you can even bet on the outcome of an election!

If you have any questions about online betting feel free to leave a comment. If you got something out of this post I’d love it if you would use one of the share buttons at the bottom of this post.

A few of my readers have asked me why certain promotions are no longer available to them. They are now regretting not taking up the offer before it was unfairly, what they believe, removed from their grasp. The short answer is it all has to do with the new Australian Government restrictions. Being affiliated with the sports betting agencies I represent they’ve all sent me emails to ensure that I am complying with the new Government restrictions. Here is part of the one sent to me from Sportingbet.

Government Restrictions In Sports Betting

Dear Affiliate,

Important Notice to Affiliates in relation to change in Copy and Creative – Government Restrictions

As you may be aware, legislation in New South Wales and South Australia prohibits gambling advertising considered to be offering inducements to bet and/or to open betting accounts.

Similar legislation prohibiting the advertising of inducements to open a betting account exists in the states of Victoria and Western Australia.

To ensure that the requirements of the various state and territory legislation are complied with, Sportingbet and Centrebet have updated its creative and copy relating to promotions.

Please ensure that you are using the most recent Sportingbet and Centrebet creative and copy on your websites.

The image shows the affected states for the latest Government restrictions to sports betting.
Australian Government Restrictions To Sports Betting

Is Sports Betting Legal In Australia?

The answer to this is yes. As Aussies we’re lucky enough to be allowed to gamble on the Internet. While online gambling is legal in Australia I’m sure the Government restrictions are there to protect problem gamblers. However, I very much doubt it will do any good. Still, the guys from Canberra have to be seen as trying to do the right thing.

Personally I don’t believe these restriction will prevent people from signing on with any of the online betting agencies. People who want to be able to place a bet online will join regardless of whether or not any incentive is offered. All this legislation will do is rip off the poor Aussies who live in those restricted States. These offers are merely there to entice prospective new customers to join one particular online betting agency over another. All this legislation does is remove one factor of the competitiveness between online bookies.

So in essence government legislation affects Australian gambling operators more than it does the punters. One way punters are affected though is in regards to live bets. While we can go online to bet on sports we are not allowed to place any live bets online. Aussie punters can only do this by using the phone. While I’m sure this inconvenience will stop some punters from live betting it won’t affect the serious punter at all.

Aussies Love To Bet

I’m sure that the Aussies love of betting is only part of the reason why the Government does not ban gambling all together. They know Aussies would not stand for it. Not to mention doing so would hurt Government revenue and that’s something they would never do.

While the Australian Government overseas all forms of gambling, both online and offline, individual states have their own rules. In case you’re interested here are each States respective gambling rules.