I know how much you guys are enjoying the Hot Sports Babes posts. That last one on the Hottest Sports Babes At The Commonwealth Games seems to be a hit. One of the reasons I chose to set the easy sports betting site as a blog was because it is so much more versatile than a static website. Allows easy updates of information and gives the readers a chance to interact through the comments section.

It’s because it’s so easy to update that I can have so many categories like the Hot Sports Babes I mentioned above, the informative easy sports betting articles and the sports joke category. Speaking of which leads me to todays post. Today’s post is actually another funny golf joke. This makes it the third one so far. Don’t know why but there are more funny golfjokes out there than anything else. The first one was about a woman learning how to play golf. The second one about women golfers who don’t wear panties.

Todays funny golf joke is sort of tragic. It’s about a man who is killed on the golf course.

Man Killed On Golf Course

A foursome of guys was waiting at the men’s tee while a foursome of women was hitting from the women’s tee. The ladies were not rushing and were  taking their time. When the final lady was ready to hit her ball, she hacked it ten feet. Then she went over and missed it completely. Then she hacked it another ten feet and finally hacked it another five feet.

She looked up at the patiently waiting men and said apologetically, “I guess all those f~cking lessons I took over the winter didn’t help.”

One of the men immediately responded, “Well, there you have it. You should have taken golf lessons instead!”

He never even had a chance to duck. He was only 66 . . .

Funny Golf Joke About A Blonde

Now I would like to introduce you to Sexy Sals Blonde Joke. Sexy Sals usual home is on WassupBlogs Sexy Sals Jokes. But because I asked her so nicely she’s agreed to tell one of her famous blonde jokes. And, because this is an easy sports betting site she’s graciously made it funny golf joke.

funny golf joke Sexy Sals Blonde joke

Did you know that there was such a thing as a woman’s or ladies tee? I sure didn’t. Here is an explanation of a woman’s tee. They reckon it’s a little embarrassing for a  bloke to hit a golf ball from a woman’s tee. Check out this next, really funny video.

Golf Joke The Woman’s Tee

There are hot sports babes in every sport.  Perhaps not in an all male sport but then we would have hot sports babes fans who follow that sport. Or we could possibly have hot sports babes cheerleaders, Like I featured in the NFL Hot Sport Babes Cheerleaders post. Today I’m going to feature the Hottest Sports Babes in 2014 Commonwealth Games In Glasgow.

I would like to point out that these aren’t my picks either. Nope, these gals were deemed the Hottest Sports Babes at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games by the mens magazine FHM, as depicted in the Daily Mail. As it turns the top three hottest sports babes happen to be Aussies. So, without further ado I give to you the Top 3 Hottest Sports Babes of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow #1 

Hottest Sports Babes Anna Flanagan Hot Sports Babes

Anna Flanagan is our first hottest sports babes. Born on January 8th 1992 Anna is an Australian hockey player. She plays as a defender for the Hockeyroos and her forte is taking corner penalties. In 2013 she was actually named field hockey’s World Young Player of the Year. I’m sure her donning the kilt warmed the hearts of all the Scottish blokes but kilt or not I don’t think anyone would disagree in her Hottest Sports Babes nomination.

Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow #2

Hottest Sports Babes Genevieve LaCaze hot sport babes

From the hockey field we travel to the athletics arena to find our next Hottest Sports Babes. Genevieve LaCaze was born on the 4th August 1989. Although a Melbourne gal she also spends some time in California in the US and Teddington in the UK. You kind of have to wonder, as she was born and raised in Queensland, why she now lives in Melbourne. More opportunities perhaps? Whatever the reason I’m sure the Vics are quite happy to have this hot sports babes residing with them.

Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow #3

Hottest Sports Babes Melissa Breen hot sports babes

You’re going to find it pretty hard to catch our next hottest sports babe. Melissa Breen personal best time in the 100 metre event is 11.11 seconds. So you guys are going to have to put your running shoes on if you expect to catch this hottest sports babe. Born on the 17th September 1990 would make her the middle child in the hottest sports babes selection, Anna Flanagan being the youngest of the three.

Check out her speed in the following YouTube video

Ok, now it’s over to you to vote for your Hottest Sports Babe. Which of the three would you vote for in the Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow Commonwealth Games category?