It’s been an awfully long time since I did a post on hot sports babes so I thought I should do something about that. To be a little different I thought I would post three of my YouTube videos featuring women’s sport.

Perfectly Timed Photos In Women’s Sport

The first video was actually called Perfectly Timed Photos In Women’s Sport. That video turned out to be really popular getting over 44,000 views. That makes it one of my most popular video on YouTube. It’s even got 20 thumbs up and 9 thumbs down. It sure would be nice if I knew what they didn’t like about it. The feedback could well help my next video.

Anyway, because of that video’s popularity I thought I would make another one.

35 Perfectly Timed Photos In Sport

This one is nowhere near as popular as the first one, only has two thumbs up at least it hasn’t any thumbs down. I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t done as well. It could be because it’s not focused on women. It could even be that each image was displayed a little longer than in the first video. Heck, it might even be because this video didn’t have any of my Aussie humour inserted in each image.

Today I’ve uploaded my latest video which you can see below.

Sexy Moments In Women’s Sport

This video is all about sexy moments in women’s sport. All the women are hot sports women. The video looks a lot more professional than the other 2 and has a little of my Aussie humour embedded in every photo. Now we just have to see how well it goes.

I would really love it if you can head on over to YouTube and give it a thumbs up. It would be great if this one could overtake the first one.

For SEO reasons, I’m going to give you an image of a sexy moment in women’s sport.

women's sport sexy monents

It’s time to have a look at the AFL week one finals results. I think the best article on the AFL week one finals results would have to be Fox Sports who give a team by team report.

AFL Week One Finals Results Rundown

Adelaide 12.12 (84) def Greater Western Sydney 6.12 (48)AFL Week One Finals Results

As a Crows supporter this was a very important game for me. A win gives them a bye so they can get ready for their next game in a fortnights time. Not to mention a home preliminary finals.

It was great to see them lead in every quarter, especially because Sloane was out of the game. The Crouch brothers certainly picked up the slack for the missing Sloane. I’m sure that the other teams are a little more worried about beating the Crows after their performance last week.

As good as the win was I would love to see their kicking accuracy improve, especially from Tex who I’m sure was disappointed in his kicking results.

Richmond 13.13 (91) def Geelong 5.10 (40)

I really expected Geelong to win this game, but alas that wasn’t to be and it was the only tip I got wrong in my week 1 preliminary finals tips. Certainly not the sort of game one would expect for finals footy. Certainly not where near as exciting as the Crows vs GWS Giants game. Geelong will have to regroup if the plan to beat Sydney next week.

As for Richmond fans, how excited are they to be in their first finals for 16 years!

Sydney 19.7 (121) def Essendon 8.8 (56)

As far as Essendon goes it was always going to be a hard ask for them to beat Sydney. Still, they can all hold their heads up high to get as far as they did considering all the crap they had to go through last year.

West Coast 12.6 (78) def Port Power 10.16 (76)

What can I say, Port lost, just as I predicted in last weeks post! The best thing about the loss was that I won my bet putting another $27.50 into my sports betting bankroll. Shit, even if they lost I still would have pocketed the money because of the Sportsbet 24 Up, You Win promotion.

As far as finals footy goes that was a cracker of a game. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

So, Power and Essendon are out as we go into week 2 of finals footy

Have you any thoughts on the AFL Week One Finals Results I’d love to read them in the comments below.