2018 AFLW Round 2 Results Nosedives

2018 AFLW Round 2 ResultsI’m a little disappointed in the 2018 AFLW Round 2 Results. I was hoping for an improvement, a perfect score no less, :tongue_out: but as I said in last weeks post, I wasn’t overly confident, which is why I only put two bucks on a multi-bet. I was hoping to get at least the first two or three right, so I could cash out and make a little money.

William Hill was my online sports betting site of choice last week because they had the best odds. Unfortunately, I got the first one wrong. I expected the Crows to lose, and I was right on that count. Oh, well, I can’t complain as two bucks in the scheme of things is a pretty small wager to lost. It’s like I always say if you’re going to do the sports betting thing you have to gamble responsibly! Read the rest of this entry

Man, I hate tipping the women, they just haven’t been around long enough to gauge how they’re going to play. Still, I didn’t do too bad with the AFLW Round 1 tips. I reckon 3 out of 4 is pretty good. Too bad the one I got wrong was the one I backed!.  :guns: Let’s hope I do better with the AFLW Round 2 2018 Tips.

AFLW Round 2 2018 Tips

  • GWS Giants vs Carlton – Drummoyne
  • Melbourne vs Adelaide Crows – Casey Fields
  • Fremantle vs Collingwood – Optus
  • Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs – South Pine

I don’t feel comfortable tipping the Crows this week, not with both Erin Phillips and Courtney Cramey being on the sidelines.

I also think that Collingwood is going to have a hard time of it due to the axing of their star forward Mo Hope.

OK, I’ve got my tips squared away, not to check out who has the best odds odd for round 2 of the 2018 AFLW season.

Best Odds 2018 AFLW

2018 AFLW Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
GWS Giants Womens 2.45 2.40 2.30
Carlton Womens 1.55 1.57 1.60
Melbourne Womens 1.48 1.50 1.50
Adelaide Crows Womens 2.67 2.55 2.60
Fremantle Womens 1.95 1.96 1.95
Collingwood Womens 1.86 1.82 1.85
Brisbane Womens 1.70 1.62 1.67
Western Bulldogs Womens 2.16 2.30 2.20
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I don’t feel comfortable betting on any of the games this week, so just to be a little different I thought I would take out a multi-bet. A $2 multi will return a healthy $32.46. I also used William Hill to place my bet because their odds proved to be the best this week.

AFLW Round 2 2018 Tips

The image above shows how my $2 stake will return $32.46, providing my AFLW Round 2 2018 Tips are spot on that is.  :tongue_out: