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2018 AFL Grand Final PredictionIt’s almost time for the 2018 AFL Grand Final, and so, footy fans will have to decide on a 2018 AFL Grand Final prediction. What with the two surprising results from last weeks games I reckon this week’s 2018 AFL Grand Final prediction may as well be decided from a toss of a coin.

I reckon that Collingwood will win the cup, but it could just as easily be West Coast.

So, let’s have a look to see what some experts are predicting.

  • Josh Elliot of The Roar says that West Coast will win by 24 points. Cameron Rose also says West Coast.
  • Robert Walls predicted on Foxsports that not only would Collingwood win it but they will win it easily.

Again, I think the 2018 Premiership cup could go either way. As far as betting goes Ladbrokes is offering 2.25 for West Coast and 1.68 for Collingwood. Because last week the underdogs managed to win their games I’m going to put five bucks on West Coast and will keep my fingers crossed. I hope that it will be a close and exciting game, one that will keep us all on the edge of our seats.

As far as betting goes Ladbrokes is offering 2.25 on West Coast and 1.68 on Collingwood. Because the underdogs managed to win last week I thought I would take a punt on West Coast by putting five bucks on them. You can see proof of my bet here.

AFL Round 26 2018 Results Preliminary Finals Results

AFL Round 26 2018 Results

This week’s AFL Round 26 2018 Results sucked compared to last week’s perfect result. As you know, I had predicted a Melbourne vs Richmond Grand Final, but the AFL Round 26 2018 Results just proved that this week was the underdogs week to win. Not only that, but it also shows why we should always gamble responsibly.

AFL Round 26 2018 Scores Results

RICHMOND              1.3      2.8       6.10     8.10   (58)
COLLINGWOOD     5.2     10.4     12.7     15.7    (97)

WEST COAST      4.8     10.9     15.10     18.13   (121)
MELBOURNE      0.3     0.6       5.9        7.13     (55)

Not only was I not expecting the preliminary finals results to go the way it did but I didn’t find the games all that exciting. It just didn’t look like finals footy. It was almost as if Richmond and Melbourne didn’t show up.

Let’s hope that next week’s Grand Final is a lot more exciting.

Finally, here’s one of my more recent videos, the F-word poem.

AFL Round 26 Preliminary Finals Tips 2018

AFL Round 26 Preliminary Finals Tips 2018

Only two weeks of footy left with this weeks AFL Round 26 Preliminary Finals Tips 2018 setting the scene for this weeks post. Man, it’s going to be boring once the footy scene is over. Without further ado, let’s take a gander at my AFL Round 26 Preliminary Finals Tips 2018.

  • Richmond vs Collingwood (MCG)
  • West Coast vs Melbourne (Optus)

This week’s bet all depends on whatever odds Ladbrokes is offering on this year’s preliminary finals.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 26

2018 AFL Round 26 Ladbrokes
Richmond 1.38
Collingwood 3.15
West Coast 1.80
Melbourne 2.05
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It looks like Melbourne are the underdogs in this year’s prelim finals, but I reckon they may have enough to shout down the crowds at the Optus Stadium. You can see proof of my bet here.

Once again remember to gamble responsibly because you just never how finals footy will turn out.


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