AFL Round 7 Tips 2019

After last weeks perfect tipping results I post my AFL round 7 tips 2019 with some trepidation. Sure it would be nice to get another error-free tipping result, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

AFL Round 7 Tips 2019 Hoping For Another Perfect Round

  • Collingwood vs Port Adelaide (Marvel) [21]
  • Melbourne vs Hawthorn (MCG) [9]
  • GWS Giants vs St. Kilda (Manuka) [21]
  • Brisbane vs Sydney (Gabba) [14]
  • Wstn Bulldogs vs Richmond (Marvel) [7]
  • West Coast vs Gold Coast (Optus) [35]
  • Carlton vs Nth Melbourne (Marvel) [17]
  • Geelong vs Essendon (MCG) [16]
  • Adelaide Crows vs Fremantle (Adelaide) [28]

So, now that I’ve posted my AFL Round 7 Tips 2019 all I can do now is cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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AFL Round 6 Results 2019

AFL Round 6 Results 2019 Perfect Tipping

AFL Round 6 Results 2019

Man, how cool is that. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen so much green on my AFL tipping image. I’m so happy that I have a perfect result for my AFL Round 6 Results 2019. ssssssssss dwsdaasfaf wefwef wefwef wef we f we fw ef we fw ef wef wefwef

I said in my last post that I wasn’t too sure that the Crows could pull it off and I felt, although I didn’t mention it in the post, that a Crows win would be an upset. I’m so glad that I tipped the Crows giving me the perfect AFL Round 6 Results.

Yes, Taylor Walker was in top form in the match against St. Kilda but what I would have loved to see was Betts scoring those eight goals so his brother-in-law would tattoo his other butt cheek.

OK, let’s check out the scores for round 6.

AFL Round 6 Score Results 2019

Richmond 12-13 [85] Melbourne 6-6- (42)
Essendon 10-9 (69) Collingwood 10-13 (73)
Port Adelaide 12-16 (88) Nth Melbourne 11-6 (72)
Gold Coast 9-8 (62) Brisbane 16-15 (111)
St Kilda 10-8 (68) Adelaide Crows 15-7 (97)
Sydney 12-7 (79) GWS Giants 18-12 (120)
Fremantle 13-10 (88) Wstn Bulldogs 9-15 (69)
Hawthorn 13-15 (93) Carlton 13-10 (88)
Geelong 15-14 (104) West Coast 7-4 (46)

And there you have it. Now, while I would love to have another perfect result for round seven, I’m not going to hold my breath. 🤪

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AFL Round 6 Tips 2019

Man, I have to do better this week than my AFL round 5 tips. Saying they sucked is putting it mildly. Here’s what I’m hoping will be the winning AFL round 6 tips 2019.

AFL Round 6 Tips 2019 Here’s Hoping

AFL Round 6 Tips 2019
  • Richmond vs Melbourne (MCG) [14]
  • Essendon vs Collingwood (MCG) [12]
  • Pt. Adelaide vs Nth. Melbourne (Adelaide) [25]
  • Gold Coast vs Brisbane (Metricon) [7]
  • St. Kilda vs Adelaide Crows (Marvel) [7]
  • Sydney vs GWS Giants (SGC) [8]
  • Fremantle vs Wstn. Bulldogs (Optus) [18]
  • Hawthorn vs Carlton (UT) [11]
  • Geelong vs West Coast (GMHBA) [31]

Thee you have it my tips for the AFL Round 6 Tips 2019. The only upset I’ve gone for in this round is the St. Kilda vs Adelaide Crows game. I’ve tipped the Crows to win, albeit with a small margin. Here’s hoping that they can tackle St. Kilda with the same ferocity as they did with Gold Coast last week.

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