AFL Round 25 2018 Tips Semi-Finals

AFL Round 25 2018 Tips

We still have three weeks of footy left so we may as well make the best of it. This week’s AFL Round 25 2018 Tips is going to be a short post. Let’s start with the AFL Round 25 2018 Tips first.

  • Hawthorn vs Melbourne (MCG)
  • Collingwood vs GWS Giants (MCG)

I’ve already made up my mind that I’m going to put my money on Melbourne this week but even so I reckon we should check out to see what sort of odds Ladbrokes is offering.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 25

2018 AFL Round 25 Ladbrokes
Hawthorn 2.75
Melbourne 1.47
Collingwood 1.62
GWS Giants 2.35
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You can see proof of my bet here.

As usual, I am going to urge everyone to gamble responsibly because you just never how finals footy will turn out. Melbourne should win, but Hawthorn could manage to upset all those punters backing Melbourne.


AFL Round 24 2018 Results First Round Of Finals Sucked

AFL Round 24 2018 Results

What can I say, those AFL Round 24 2018 Results is not what I expected at all. The only positive to the AFL Round 24 2018 Results was that I placed a winning bet. Other than that it pretty much sucked.

Oh well, that’s what happens when it comes to footy tipping, you get some right, and you get some wrong. Sort of pisses you off though when some people fluke it by getting them all right doesn’t it?  :guns:

AFL Round 24 2018 Scores Results

RICHMOND     2.2     5.7   10.13   13.17  (95)
HAWTHORN   2.3     3.5    5.8      9.10  (64)

MELBOURNE      5.3     5.9     6.13     10.15  (75)
GEELONG            0.2      2.4     3.8       6.10  (46)

SYDNEY                 1.4     2.4     2.6     4.6     (30)
GWS GIANTS      2.3     4.7     7.11    10.19  (79)

WEST COAST           3.3     6.7    7.11   12.14   (86)
COLLINGWOOD     1.3     7.4     9.9     10.10  (70)

The real shocker for me was the Sydney vs Giants game, especially because Sydney managed to lose by 49 points!

The way things are going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was a Richmond vs Melbourne Grand Final!