AFL Round 4 Tips 2019

Here we go again. It’s time for my AFL Round 4 Tips 2019. So far this season my footy tips have been increasing by one every round. There were three correct tips in round one; four corrects tips in round two and five correct tips in round three.

The question now is, can I do better with my round 4 tips? Only time will tell.

My AFL Round 4 Tips 2019

  • Sydney vs Melbourne (SCG) [15]
  • Collingwood vs Wstn. Bulldogs (MCG) [13]
  • Geelong vs GWS Giants (GMHBA) [25]
  • Essendon vs Brisbane (MCG) [9]
  • Port Adelaide vs Richmond (Adelaide) [8]
  • Nth. Melbourne vs Adelaide (Marvel) [4]
  • West Coast vs Fremantle (Optus) [6]
  • Gold Coast vs Carlton (Metricon) [31]
  • St. Kilda vs Hawthorn (Marvel) [15]
AFL Round 4 Tips 2019

The thing with footy tips is after placing them, nobody really knows how they will turn out. They all hope they will get them all right but usually, when that happens it’s more luck than anything else.

Even when footy professionals place their tips, they rarely get them right, and you would expect them to, wouldn’t you? The problem is there are too many variables, the biggest ones being the players themselves.

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AFL Round 3 Results 2019

I was just checking my 2019 AFL round 3 results and I’ve noticed there’s a definite pattern emerging. Round one I got three tips right. Round 2 I got four tips right and in my 2019 AFL round 3 results I got five tips right. At this rate I’ll get a perfect result by round seven. 🤣

My 2019 AFL Round 3 Results Getting Up There

2019 AFL Round 3 results

2019 AFL Round 3 Final Scores

Adelaide Crows 10-15 (75) Geelong 14-15 (99)
Melbourne 18-4 (112) Essendon 20-10 (130)
Carlton 10-14 (74) Sydney 14-9 (93)
GWS Giants 19-11 (125) Richmond 10-16 (76)
Brisbane 16-11 (107) Pt. Adelaide 13-12 (90)
Collingwood 11-10 (76) West Coast 15-8 (98)
Wstn. Bulldogs 9-14 (68) Gold Coast 10-13 (73)
Hawthorn 13-9 (87) Nth. Melbourne 10-11 (71)
Fremantle 11-5 (71) St. Kilda 9-12 (66)

As far as margins go, my best pick was the Brisbane vs Port Adelaide game where I was only out by one point. My worst margin was the GWS Giants vs Richmond game where I missed out by 41 points. Man, what a shocker that was. For me, that was the biggest upset of round 3. Check out some of the comments on the Roar during that game.

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2019 AFL Round 3 Tips

OK, round two’s tips were a little better than my round one tips, but with only four right I’m not at all happy with them. What can I say, shit happens, especially when it comes to any form of sports tipping. Oh well, let’s hope I do better with my AFL Round 3 Tips.

2019 AFL Round 3 Tips Hopeful

  • Adelaide Crows vs Geelong (Adelaide) [23]
  • Melbourne vs Essendon (MCG) [16]
  • Carlton vs Sydney (Marvel) [25]
  • GWS Giants vs Richmond (SSGS) [8]
  • Brisbane vs Pt. Adelaide (Gabba) [16]
  • Collingwood vs West Coast (MCG) [10]
  • Wstn. Bulldogs vs Gold Coast (Marvel) [28]
  • Hawthorn vs Nth Melbourne (MCG) [21]
  • Fremantle vs St. Kilda (Optus) [8]

2019 AFL Round 3 Tips

Even though I know that my tipping sucks at times for my 2019 AFL Round 3 Tips I’ve decided to add the margins for each of the games. Naturally, you know that my tips are highlighted in red and you’ll find the margins for those games in the brackets at the end of each of the matches.

I’m not sure about teh Crows winning this round, even though they did so well last week, but I’m willing to grant them the home ground advantage. As for the other games, I didn’t have time this week to study all the matches so I went on gut feeling instead. Can’t be any worse than last weeks effort. 😆

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