Ronda Rousey Hot Sports Babe #15

Ronda Rousey hot sports babe fight

When it comes to sports there’s a whole lot of different types of hot sports women. We’ve had hot sports tennis babes and hot sports racing drivers. We’ve also had hot sports curling babes and we’ve even had hot sports netball babes. We’ve even had a post where you can vote for your hottest sports babe. For todays hot sports babes post I’m going to introduce you to an entirely different type of hot sports woman. I’m talking about UFC! I’m surprised at the amount of hot sports babes in the sport of UFC! So many that I reckon I’m going to have to do a few hot sports babes post to cover these sexy hot sports women.

Ronda Rousey UFC’s Sexy Hot Sports Babe

Ronda Rousey - Hot Sports BabeI’ve looked at a few of the sexy women that take part in UFC and out of them all Ronda Rousey is my favourite hot sports UFC babe. Even though I’ve never seen her fight I’m not at all surprised to find out that she is the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. The reason I’m not surprised is because she’s also happens to be a mixed martial artist as well as being proficient at judo. Put all this together and you have to admit Ronda Rousey is a pretty tough hot sports woman. Pretty impressive considering she’s only 27 (born February the 1st 1987)

What’s really amazing is Ronda Rousey’s win ratio. According to the UFC’s page on Ronda Rousey she’s got a fantastic win ratio. Out of her 10 matches she’s won the whole lot.

That page actually has a lot of interesting material on Ronda Rousey including her training regime. It seems her hero is Fedor, a Russian politician and retired Mixed Martial Artist (MMA).

On top of all that Ronda Rousey is a smoking hot hot sports babe. From top to toe she is the complete package. You can easily see the truth in this statement by checking out the collage I’ve put together of Ronda Rousey, our latest hot sports babe.

It’s obvious that she owes her taut and terrific body to her strict workout regime. Her wins can most likely be attributed to this as well as the sport she’s in. I’m sure it’s also due to will and focus to win.

She’s an all round hot sports babe. One who’s great at her chosen career. The fact that she’s a real honey is just cream on the cake for all her male fans.  :thumb_up:

Ronda Rousey Hot sports babe


As you can see there is no denying her inclusion in the hot sports babe club. That aside I though you’d be interested in seeing her in action. The following video shows her in action against Miesha Tate. I was actually going to do this post on Miesha Tate but chose Ronda Rousey instead.  😉

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