Round 20 AFL Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s Round 20 AFL Footy Tips Results

Fortuna's Round 20 AFL Footy Tips results


Are you one of the lucky punters who followed my post last week? If you are you’re probably jumping up and down from sheer joy, just like that guy in the image above.  😉 Yep, Fortuna has done it again getting 9 out of 9 right in her round 20 AFL footy tips results!

I’m sure that Fortuna is pretty wrapped with those results and I only wish I could have seen the smile on her face after the Fremantle vs West Coast round.

As for myself I am over the moon because this time around I actually did follow Fortuna’s round 20 AFL footy tips. Even better I used her tips for my William Hill Multi-Bet and for my Sportsbet multi as well. I also entered my picks in the Million Dollar Tipping competition which is free for all Sportsbet members.

If you’re not familiar with the Million Dollar tipping competition I wrote about it in this post. Basically you can win $10,000 every week as long as you get all 9 picks correct, and pick the winning margin on the last game. Unfortunately for me the margin I picked was 21 points and they actually won by 24 points. Shit, I missed out by only 3 points.  :bash:

Still, it was an exciting game and my entry in the Million Dollar Tipping competition made it even more so. At times I was even willing Fremantle to kick some behinds so I could get my margin right  :laughing:

Now, you guys know how I feel about Port Power, well believe it or not I was out of my chair screaming at them to win. I was urging them over the line and I was ecstatic when they finally won. It just goes to show how a small sports bet actually does make watching your favourite sport more exciting!

Speaking of Port Power, did you notice how there were quite a few empty seats in the stands? Just goes to show that a lot of Port supporters are called ‘Bandwagon’ supporters, and rightly so. They’re only willing to support their team when they’re doing well and dessert them when they’re not. A shame really! Their team deserve so much more from their supporters.

So, how much did I win for my sports bets in round 20. My $10 bet with William Hill returned $46.24 and my $1 bet with Sportsbet won $22.98 bringing my total prize pool for the week to $69.22. All in all that’s increased my sports bankroll to over $300, the highest it’s ever been.

I’m pretty wrapped with that. To get all 9 picks right is pretty lucky and I’m going to see if that luck holds out by buying a tickets in tomorrows $60 million OzLotto.

At the time of publishing this post the OzLotto jackpot was worth 60 Million bucks. The image below however shows the biggest Aussie lottery jackpot currently available.

If you haven’t joined OzLotteries yet you can do so now and collect a free bonus game in the process.

As always I more than happy to hear from you in the comments below. How did you go with your round 20 AFL footy tips results?

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