Sports Betting Tips Are Bullshit

I’ve had a few subscribers ask me why I didn’t include a section on sports betting tips. As I told them one of the reasons for not having a category featuring sports betting tips is that the main purpose for the site is to provide my readers with the best online sports betting sites to join. That’s the reason I named the site EZ eSports Betting. I have researched all the online sports betting sites represented on this site. I’ve found them all to be secure and they make sports betting online easy and enjoyable.

I’ve also joined several of the online sport betting sites so I can take them for a test spin. When I do that I write about my experience from being an online sports betting member of their site.

I also want to make this site enjoyable, entertaining and informative. In order to do that I made the following categories.

  • Hot Sports Babes: This has proved to be very popular among the guys :thumb_up:
  • Hot Sports Hunks: I had a few complaints from the ladies so I started this one especially for them Personally I don’t have much of an idea what makes a Hot Sports Hunk, being a male and all, and have asked for input from the women. Still waiting.  :tongue_out:
  • Sports Jokes: This section is for all sports related humour.
  • Sport News: Every now and again I do a post on some of the more interesting sporting news
  • Sports Betting Reviews: There are a lot of products out there to help the sports betting punter. This is where I post reviews of sports betting products.

You will find a complete list of categories over there on the right.

Truth About Sports Betting Tips

sports betting tips

Now comes the main reason why I don’t offer sports betting tips on this site. I personally believe that all sports betting tips are bullshit. When I started my Bet Of The Week category it had nothing to do with offering my readers tips. I just write about the sport I’m betting on any given week and why I placed my bet the way I did.

The truth about sports betting tips is that nobody can accurately predict the result of any given sporting event. If they did they would’t need to have these sites asking for people to join to get the most accurate sports betting tips. If they were that good they would be making enough money simply by collecting all their winning bets. Why do you think the bookies make so much money? Because most punters have losing bets.

I’m sure a lot of you guys have placed a bet on the advice from some friend or other. How many of them paid off? Not all that many I’m sure.

Having said that, you have more chance of winning a sports bet, in relation to those sports based on the results of two teams going head to head. Predicting a winner when it comes to sports like horse racing is a lot more difficult. I wrote about this in my post comparing sports betting to other forms of gambling.

Personally I wouldn’t pay to join a site for sports betting tips. I’d give a free site a go but I wouldn’t be upset at all if those tips didn’t turn out to be accurate. I do believe though that there are sports, such as racing, where a good knowledge of all the variables may increase the chances of a win. Someone in the know my be able to offer a sports betting tip but once again I still think those tips just may not pan out.

So, how many accurate sports betting tips have you received? Let me know in the comments below.

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