AFL Round 7 2017 Results Upsets Galore

If you’re going to talk about a crappy round of AFL tipping then the AFL round 7 2017 results would definitely fit the bill. I haven’t even heard from Fortuna yet on what would have to be her poorest result of tipping ever. I’m sure when she does show up she’ll blame it all on Loki that mischievous Norse god. I’m sure she’d love to get a hold of Thor’s hammer so she could give Loki a taste of of the headache that a lot of punters are feeling because of the AFL round 7 2017 results.

Fortuna’s AFL Round 7 2017 Results

AFL Round 7 2017 Results

As you can see in the image about round 7 definitely was a very poor result as far as tipping goes. Only three tips turned out to be winners but most punters, and AFL tipsters, would agree that round 7 were full of upsets.

AFL Round 7 2017 Major Upsets

If there had to be one major upset of the 2017 AFL season so far it would have to be the North Melbourne vs Adelaide Crows game. The Roar have Crows Nth Melbourne upseteven called it the Upset Of The Year Contender! If it wasn’t bad enough that they lost a game that everyone thought they would win, they absolutely got thumped by the Roos. If you missed that awful game, I say that as an avid Crows fan, you can see a quarter by quarter score in the image over there on the right.

Why The Crows Lost To North Melbourne

So, why did the Crows lose to the Roos? I have put together the top three theories why the Roos thumped the Crows so convincingly.

  1. Bad umpiring: While the the frees were in Nth. Melbourne’s favour at 23 to 16, I personally don’t believe that to be a valid reason for the Crows poor performance.
  2. Crows ugly Guernsey: There are some that say that the boys were so embarrassed about showing up in their alternate Guernsey. Yeah, sure it was kind of ugly, although it did make them stand out, but again, I don’t think that was the excuse.
  3. Crows Unpreparedness: That the Crows came into the game expecting to win and just didn’t know what to do when the Roos came out with all guns blazing.

Truth be told it wasn’t any of those, it wasn’t even losing the coin toss and the fact the Roos had a strong win blowing all their shots through the goals. Nope, the reason the Crows lost was because, on the day, they were outplayed by a better team. Lets hope they do better next week.

Upset #2 St. Kilda vs Giants

The St.Kilda vs GWS Giants game was another match that surprise a lot of AFL fans. As far as I’m concerned it was definitely an upset. What was most upsetting was that I had them as the first part of the leg in my Bet365 multi! Overall though their loss wouldn’t have made any difference because the rest of the multi were all losers as well. That’s the first time that has ever happened since I’ve started my sports betting.

Oh well, I’m still way in front and there’s always next week!

How did you go with your AFL Round 7 2017 Results?

AFL Round 1 2017 Results

Before getting to the AFL Round 1 2017 results I wanna congratulate the Crows women for winning the AFLW Grand final. They’ve done us proud and now it’s up to the guys to follow their great example. Check this article to see a great photo of Erin Philips with her kids in the grand finals cup. Great shot. Check out this post to see her inauguration into the Hot Sports Babe Hall Of Fame. :tup:

Now for Fortuna’s AFL Round 1 2017 Results!

Fortuna’s AFL Round 1 2017 ResultsFortuna's AFL Round 1 2017 Results

Considering it was the first round I reckon those results were pretty good. There were definitely some upsets in the AFL Round 1 2017 Results. Take the Essendon vs Hawthorn game for example. I don’t think too many people would have picked Essendon to win. Shit, even the Gold Coast vs Brisbane game can be considered an upset. Have to admit though, those punters that backed Brisbane using William Hill as their online bookie would have been pretty wrapped with their winnings with William Hill’s $3.55 odds!!

Speaking of another great win, how good were the Adelaide Crows? Good enough to make my first bet of the AFL season a winning bet, that’s how good they were. Lucky too, otherwise those Power fans, another upset if you ask me, would have given us heaps. As it was I reckon it was great that both South Aussie teams managed a great win to start off their 2017 AFL season. :drunk:

As far as news articles go on the AFL round 1 upsets I reckon that was the best with their Incredible Night Of Comebacks article.

As for the Adelaide Crows game, Fox Sports said that the Crows produced the best performance of round one! Not bad considering they the preseason flag favourites.

All in all I say it was a pretty good start to the 2017 AFL season.

Just to finish off I give your a great shot of the 2017 AFLW Premiers.

AFLW Crows AFLW Champions

AFL Round 23 Results

Fortuna’s AFL Round 23 Results

Fortuna's AFL Round 23 Results

There are two things that really pissed me off about Fortuna’s AFL Round 23 Results. The first is only partly her fault, and that is that out of all her picks I had to include all her losing picks as part of my Sportsbet multi-bet. In my defence I was sure that those three games would turn out to be winners.

Adelaide Loses To West Coast

Come on! How the hell did the Crows allow West Coast to beat them at home? Especially when a win meant so much to them. Now, instead of securing a top two spot they’re in 5th spot. I totally agree with Tom Lynch when he calls that game the Crows worst performance of the year. Lynch said…

Sixteen wins and six losses — you could say it’s been a pretty solid year, but with what was on hand last night and the opportunity that lay before us, it was really disappointing.

To me they just didn’t have their heart in the game. There were way too many time when they literally handed the ball to West Coast. They had 78 turn overs compared to West Coasts 66!

Fans certainly couldn’t complain about the free kicks either as the Crows received 20 frees compared to the Eagles 12!

The Eagles also had 78 intercepted possessions compared to the Crows 66. The Eagles efficiency inside 50 also left the Crows lacking,m 58% compared to the Crows 47%!

All Crows fans can hope for now is that this loss will spur the players to greater efforts in the finals. They’ve worked too hard to give up now.

As for the Carlton vs Essendon game. I say good on Essendon for getting another win with all the shit their club has had to put up with recently.

As there is a bye this week I need to work out what to post this week. Maybe another Hot Sports Babes Post? What would you like to see?


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