Hottest Female Pole Vaulters

This post is the third in a series of posts nominating groups of hot sportswomen. The first one was hot women wearing lycra. The second featured sexy professional women cyclists. Today’s post is about the hottest female pole vaulters. I’ve already produced a video called Sexiest Female Pole Vaulters, which you can see below. Or you can click on the previous link which will take you to YouTube.

Hottest Female Pole Vaulters Sexy As Hot Sports Babes

hottest female pole vaulters Erika Prezerakou

Sexy Professional Female Cyclists

Sexy Professional Female Cyclists

My Sexy Professional Female Cyclists

It turns out that my last Hot Sports Babes post, Hot Women In Lycra was so popular that it made perfect sense to follow that up with a Sexy Professional Female Cyclists post. Like that previous post, I’ll be including my latest YouTube video. The only difference is that these are all gorgeous images of sexy professional female cyclists! The emphasis is on professional. Like Willow Koerber, over there on the right. Willow even has a book, My Wheels Gave Me Wings: A Journey Through Fear and Despair… into Love and Healing.

The one thing all these Sexy Professional Female Cyclists have in common is that they’re very, very pleasing to the eye. Like all our hot sports babes they are also very good at what they do.

Other Sexy Professional Female Cyclists included in the sexy female competitive cyclist video are:

Emily Batty, a Canadian cross-country mountain biker. You can follow Emily on Instagram.

Jenny Fletcher a model and triathlete, has her own webpage. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Kristen Atzeni a professional Swiss cyclist has her own collection of cycling gear that you can see on FaceBook. Here’s a sample of what she has to offer.

AFL Finals Week 2 Tips 2017

AFL finals Week 2 Tips 2017, are we ready? Wasn’t that an exciting week one of the AFL finals? If you missed out I have linked to the best articles in the AFL Week One Finals Results post. Lets hope that this weeks AFL Finals Week 2  is as exciting. Being week two of the Finals only four teams are playing. The winners of those two games then play the Crows and the Tigers in the third week of the finals, the winners of which will face off in the Grand Finals. I’m hoping the Crows manage to win the 2017 AFL grand finals. Only time will tell.

Fortuna’s AFL Finals Week 2 Tips 2017

AFL finals Week 2 Tips 2017So, let’s have a look at Fortuna’s AFL Finals Week 2 Tips 2017.

  • Geelong vs Sydney (MCG)
  • GWS Giants vs West Coast Eagles (Spotless)

Now, lets keep in mind that as we head into the AFL finals just ab out anything can happen. You just never know how the results are going to pan out. Just thought I would put that out to make sure that you know what you’re up against if you’re game enough to place bet.

Me, I have no qualms at all about placing a bet, firstly because I always make sure that I don’t outlay more money than I can afford to lose. The most important rule when it comes to responsible gambling.

The second, and more important reason for me wanting to place a little wager, is that it makes watching the finals way more exciting.

Naturally, before I do anything, I check with my favourite online sports betting sites, SportsbetWilliam Hill and Bet365 to see who’s offering the best odds for week 2 of the AFL Finals.

Best AFL Odds Finals Week 2

AFL Teams

GWS Giants
West Coast Eagles





William Hill


Sportsbet 24 upSo, who’s getting my money this week? If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I love to take advantage of any promotions that are on offer. That’s one of the reasons I’ve joined more than one online sports betting site. That being the case, because of the Sportsbet 24 Up, You Win promotion I’m more than happy to give them my money. Heck with a little luck they’ll give it right back with interest.

Who, are you going to back in the up and coming week one of the AFL finals? As for me, you can see my bet here.

Before I finish this post I want to tell you about my latest YouTube video? It’s all about Sexy Moments In Women’s Sport. That link will take you to the post which has a bonus hot sports babes image. Having said that, it would really make my day if you could head over to YouTube and give it a thumbs up.

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