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My NETELLER Experience

One thing that bothers a lot of folks out there is their online security. This is especially true when it comes to paying for stuff online. We’ve all heard horror stories where credit cards were hacked causing the loss of thousands of dollars. Worse still when such credit cards are also linked to bank accounts.

There is a way around this though and that is to have a dedicated credit card which you use just for your sports betting. For ages PayPal has been my payment option of choice for almost all online purchases. Unfortunately not everyone uses PayPal and so I had to find another, secure, way to pay for stuff online. Including placing bets on my favourite sports. I looked everywhere and finally settled on NETELLER.

From start to finish my NETELLER experience has been all positive. Usually when you read the hype that companies place online you come to realise that’s all it really is. All bloody hype. Not so with NETELLER. They said that you can use their services on the majority of sites and so far I haven’t joined one that doesn’t use NETELLER. Here is what they have to say about themselves.

Our services are renowned for being very flexible or easy to use, and we have a lot of very satisfied customers.
NETELLER enables its customers to make online payments for both services and products online, send and receive money transfers and pay friends and family.

I can definitely vouch that they’re flexible and I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

I’ve made my share of online payments and I’ve also have received, and continue to receive, online payments as well. I’ve also transferred money to my NETELLER account as well as transferred money from NETELLER to my bank account.

My favourite NETELLER feature by far though is Net+ their virtual prepaid Mastercard and their Net+ Physical Prepaid Mastercard. While both cards can be used to purchase goods and services online only the physical one can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard. I have to admit that I like having something that I can actually touch in my wallet ;) I actually took a photo of it so I can show you guys. Naturally, for security reasons I blanked out the bits that you shouldn’t see.

NETELLER Virtual CardWith the vitrual card you can actually define how much can be spent on that card. A great feature in case some wanker actually manages to hack into it.

As you can see from the image on the left I placed $500 into my virtual card and still have $67.32 left. I could have placed a lot less into it if I wanted to.

The only problem with the virtual card is you can only use it online. This is why I decided to get the Net+ Physical Prepaid Mastercard. I can use it anywhere including online.

Being a NETELLER member I also get notified of any special offers from members they’re associated with. Sometimes its a really cool sports betting related offer. Other times its to do with online gaming sites.

If there is anything you would like to know about NETELLER feel free to ask in the comment section.

If you have a website you can add to your revenue stream by becoming a NETELLER Affiliate!

I named this  site ezesportsbetting because I want my readers to discover the pleasure of easy sports betting online. I honestly believe that if you can supply easy sport betting to punters it can only increase their betting pleasure. In the ‘good old days’ you either had to be at the track or had to be able to contact your bookie by phone if you wanted to be able to place a bet on the horses.

Man, you didn’t even have that pleasure if you wanted to bet on a footy or soccer game. Sure you could go to the TAB but lets face it, that’s such a drag. Hell, sometime you just didn’t have the time to get in a car and drive there to place a bet. That;s probably as far from easy sports betting as you could possibly get. And if you wanted to place a bet on something that was happening oversea, you can forget about that.

Easy Sports Betting Online Has Many Advantages

easy sports betting online

Now, because of the advent of the Internet and the introduction of Smartphones punters can place a bet on just about any sport from just about anywhere. As long as they have an internet connection or access to local wi-fi. This has many advantages. Lets look at some of the advantages that Easy Sports Betting offers the online punters.

  • Easy Sports Betting Online allows punters the ability to place a bet from anywhere at anytime. The only restriction being that due to some local laws you may not be able to place a bet while a sports game is actually in play. When that occurs you’re going to have to manually call in. What a drag. Still, you have to keep those local pollies happy right? ;)
  • Placing a bet online is really easy. I made a video and posted it on the post called Betting With SportingBet using PayPal. If you don’t want the read the post again you can always watch the video. It shows how truly simple easy sports betting really is when using a smartphone and an app. Most reputable online sports betting portals offer free apps too. So far I’ve tried Sportingbet and bet365 and enjoy using them both. I think you’ll find that most of the sports betting agents I represent offer free apps for their punters to use
  • Easy Sports Betting online opens up the world of sports to their punters. Yep, you’re no longer restricted to your local sports when it comes to making a bet. Betting online allows you to bet on almost any sport, no matter where its being played. So far in the short time that I have started this blog you’ve seen me place a bet on the Commonwealth Games, the World Cup Soccer at Brazil. I’ve even shown you can place a bet on a dart game way over in Glasgow, Not to mention those bets on the AFL. So you see, with easy sports betting the world is truly your oyster as far as sports betting goes.

As always, feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below.