Hot Sports Babes On Wheels

I have to apologise because it’s been so long since hot sports babes posts. To rectify that I’ve decided to dedicate this post to hot sports babes on wheels. I’ve called the post hot sports babes on wheels because today’s hot sports babes are either on bikes or skateboards.

Rather than post a whole lot of photos, which is what I normally do, I thought it would be a good idea to show you my last two Hot Sports Women videos.

Top 10 Sexiest Women On Skateboards

Needless to say, I enjoyed putting this video together. For those of you who are interested, I designed the graphics using the Creator.

Hot Sports Babes On Wheels

My top 10 women in bike shorts seem to be the more popular video of the two. I’m not sure why. Perhaps folk like women to be on two wheels rather than four wheels or maybe it’s because they love those tight shorts. You be the judge.

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AFL Round 20 Tips 2019

After last weeks great tipping results I’m hoping for the impossible for my AFL round 20 tips 2019. And now, it’s time for this weeks AFL round 20 tips 2019.

AFL Round 20 Tips

AFL round 20 tips 2019
  • Nth. Melbourne vs Hawthorn (Marvel)
  • Essendon vs Port Adelaide (Marvel)
  • GWS Giants vs Sydney (SSGS)
  • Fremantle vs Geelong (Optus)
  • Melbourne vs Richmond (MCG)
  • Adelaide Crows vs St. Kilda (Adelaide)
  • Collingwood vs Gold Coast (MCG)
  • Carlton vs West Coast (Marvel)
  • Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs (Gabba)

So there you have it, my tips for round 20. Hopefully, if nothing else, the Crows will get the better of St. Kilda.

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AFL Round 19 Results 2019

Man oh man, I almost had a perfect tipping round with my AFL round 19 results 2019. Unfortunately, the Crows let me down. There’s just no easy way to say this but the Crows played like shit. They may as well have left Eddie in the team for all the good it did putting him in the SANFL. Oh well, at least he got to enjoy himself there rather than see his teammate’s pathetic effort against the Blues.

AFL Roun 19 Results 2019 Marred By Crows Loss

AFL round 19 results 2019

Oh well, no point in crying over pathetic past performances. Let’s check out the 2019 scores, shall we? At least it was better than last week’s results.

Collingwood 9-12 [66]Richmond 14-14 [98]
Hawthorn 7-18 [60]Brisbane 13-9 [87]
Carlton 13-9 [87]Adelaide Crows 9-6 [60]
West Coast 18-13 [121]North Melbourne 10-12 [72]
St. Kilda 15-14 [104]Melbourne 13-7 [85]
Port Adelaide 7-13 [55]GWS Giants 8-8 [56]
Wstn Bulldogs 16-17 [113]Fremantle 9-12 [66]
Sydney 12-8 [80]Geelong 16-11 [107]
Gold Coast 15-6 [96]Essendon 16-10 [106]

Perfect tipping rounds are so hard to come by it upsets me that the Crows were the ones to ruin my AFL round 19 results 2019.

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